Monday, December 3, 2018

Kedai Kopi Wan Wan, KK

My customer brought me to Kedai Kopi Wan Wan at Penampang for lunch.  She told me that this place is famous for their fish noodles. We ordered Tom Yam fish noodles with rice vermicelli.

The tom yam soup is really sweet. The fish noodles is very chewy and not soggy. You can taste the sweetness of the fish in the broth.  The soup has enough sour and spicy kick to it.

My customer ordered steam fish to be share. The fish is really fresh and sweet.  I was wondering if they add any sugar to the fish when they steam it, as the broth from the steaming of the fish taste a bit sweet. 

Friday, November 30, 2018

Avangio Hotel Kota Kinabalu

I stayed at Avangio Hotel last month when I travel to KK for work.  Their room is decent size and very comfortable. 

Avangio Hotel Kota Kinabalu is a 103-room 4-star hotel in the heart of Kolombong's prominent industrial corridors. Featuring an all-day-dining restaurant, lounge & bar, pub and pool bar, equipped with 3 meeting rooms, a Mac business centre and a ballroom, the hotel is a prime destination for both business and leisure. Recreational facilities include a fitness centre, outdoor swimming and wading pool atop a spa and wellness centre. Free high speed WiFi access is available in all rooms and public areas.
Kota Kinabalu, a vibrant urban city along Sabah's beaches, which does not sleep at night. Watch the sunset from Signal Hill, hike to the top of Mt Kinabalu, white water rafting at Kiulu, deep sea diving at Sipadan. Jesselton Point, Manukan & Gaya Island.

Although is far from the city centre, there is no problem to find food around this area.  There is a lot of cafe and bistro just opposite the hotel.  You just need to cross the road to explore.  The hotel is very serene and quiet, which is great for those who travel there for business.

Their restaurant at the lobby is not a grand restaurant but it was good size.  Their buffet does not has much choices but good enough to fill you up.

I will be back again to stay here the next time I travel.  I like the room and the surrounding.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Innisfree Opening at Vivacity Mall

I was invited to the opening of Innisfree in Kuching in September.  It was the first Innisfree outlet in Kuching.

We were in the store for more then 3 hrs there are to many things to buy and see...we tried alot of their product.

Our helpful Beauty Advisor, he was so nice to explain the product one by one to us and not annoyed by our craziness and loudness.

The crazy and loud besties and partner in crime.

This was my first time trying out Innisfree product. I bought a few of their product....

After tested the product for more then 2 months...I have fall in love with their Powerproof Brush Liner and Skinny Brow Mascara.  The Power Brush Liner and Skinny Brow Mascara staying power is the same if not even better then my expensive eyeliner.  I have use them during my day trip to Sibu the other day.  I put it on around 6am and I reach home around 8pm, my eyeliner and brow still look as it is when i reach home.  I have actually repurchase my second one and going to get another one.

Monday, November 26, 2018


First of all I would like to apologize for being MIA for almost year.  I have been hit with work and travel for awhile.  Beginning of this year I have been very very sick and I am on the road of recovery.

I am back now! I hope to post more from now on wards.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kuching Festival 2017 - Kuching Food Festival (Part -2)

Yesterday evening my colleagues ask me to go to Kuching Fest with them. This time I am just lazy to drive. I use Uber to go there it cost me RM2.96 from my house. So cheap, save petrol and time to go around to look for a carpark.  Uber dropped me at the main door. The only things I worried about is that i won't be able to get an Uber back home but i thought since my colleague is there and everybody is driving, if i can't get an Uber home they will sure drop me home.  After the stuffing and pigging session I tried to get an Uber.  There is Uber, and it cost me RM2.86 to go home. Pick up point main door of Kuching Fest.

Back to the food part.  There is one side of Kuching Fest that i did not manage to explore.

I spotted my Durian Puff Stall, this year the price has increase to RM4.  I guess by next year if it increase again i will not buy anymore. RM4 is to expensive for a small puff with durian filling

After that we go around to find food for Ivy and Evonne.  So we pass by this stall, where they call out in chinese saying that come try the healthy sandwich. "Healthy sandwich" caught my attention. The guy said can have some sampling where they give out.

RM 8 per sandwich. It was not healthy at all. It was fried bread with 1 slice tomato, 1 slice cucumber, half pak lo egg, some ham and tuna. 

I also pick up my favourite Yam Kueh. Price increases too. RM 2 for 3 pieces. If it keep on increasing like this kind of not worth to eat now. I can get good yam cake after this too. 

Ivy and Evonne wanted to get the fried potato. So we pass by this stall saw a lot of ppl so we get it from there.  There is a lot of choices of sauces and flavour to choose from.

This stick of potato cost me RM4

We went back to our table to check out what has my the other colleagues got.

Dennis got Salted Fish Pork Bun. Decent taste.

RM3 per piece. 

And some Rainbow colour crepe from Rainbow Dash

This 7 crepe cost RM10. I did not try but according to dennis there is diff taste in it. there is like Ramen, nutella, banana and etc.

Our colleague who is in line to buy this stuffed chicken wing ask us if we want any.  We said get 1 to try. Taste wise? Pepper taste only. The riche they use is short grain rice. 

RM8.50 per piece.

The Lord of Fries, RM10 per set. To much flour on the potato which actually kill the taste of potato. 

The famous thai mango ice cream or Shakes, RM18. Ice cream taste was ok but nothing special. Mango on it I have taste better mango then this. The mango flavour doesn't even linger in your mouth after. The fruit is quite bland not to sweet which is good but it is bland.

Cheesy meat ball RM12. I can't judge as by the time we eat it, it was already cold and the cheese is not melting anymore.

My colleague bought a Hokkaido Toast bread which I did not manage to take picture. It was RM10, it was just bread with mozarella cheese. Just cheese and white bread that is all.

So this was my second part of Kuching Festival Food. I feel like this year the food is all so expensive. Some of it was not even worth the price tag. Maybe I should go there and survey the best deal for Cheap eat at Kuching Fest. What do your guys thing? Leave me some comment below.