Friday, December 9, 2016

Wine and Dine @ BTB (Bon Ton Bistro), China House Kuching

Is been awhile where our group of blogger get together for a nite of wine and dine and lotsa lotsa laughter and crazy stuff.  Would like to thanks BTB, China House for inviting us to the media last nite.

Our dinner start with a cocktail reception at Vine & Single. Vine and Single is a wine and single malt room, armed with an upright piano, and a bar with a wide array of drinks alcoholic or otherwise, as well as an adjoining private room to fit up to sixty persons for an exclusive evening soiree, private lunch or cocktail party.

Then we are given a tour around the China House. First was Kopi C Café, the unique place to be if you wish to have all-day breakfast. The cake table that holds and displays over thirty cakes at any one time is certainly a sight to behold. The Library holds an extensive range of books that are published on topics related to that of art, history, literature, and more. The Reading Room that combines books and magazines from ChinaHouse’s very own Library for in-house browsing. Customers often walk in to the Reading Room for some peace and quiet, but there are occasions when the room is used for events and activities that may not involve reading. Next are Servery Bar, which is set in between BTB Restaurant and The Canteen, and functions to meet the orders and demand of beverages, from both outlets mentioned. After that are The Canteen is where to head for street and comfort food, as well as for Friday and Saturday night live music performances. The multiple purpose hall fits up to 150 (seating only), and aside from its weekly music events, is also used for dining events, and other gatherings that involve large numbers of guests. Last but not least are the Round Tower, which houses rustic furniture and other antiques – perfect gifts for your friends, or yourself.

Our tour ended at BTB is a large dining room with rustic furnishing that serves modern western style dishes influenced by an eclectic mix of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

 photo PC080414_zpszga3xvkd.jpg

 photo PC080409_zps58fuo6hu.jpg

 photo PC080418_zpsdyby4hor.jpg

Stay tune for the hidden agenda behind the wine glass.  RLOL! Guess who is that?

Crispy Mixed Flatbread with Homemade Harissa & Basil Pesto 
 photo PC080412_zps1o2v5bv9.jpg

I chose Corn & Basil Soup with Lemon Rocket Salad Garnish. The first taste was ok as the soup is very mild in flavour although there is basil in the soup. The more you sip on the soup the flavour get better. It has that lemony taste to it which make it very refreshing kind of soup.  It was yummy!

 photo PC080431_zps86hdnje6.jpg

For my main, I had Seared Fillet of Beef with Mashed Potatoes, Butter Spinach, Mustard Relish & Balsamic Sauce.

 photo PC080440_zpsckmjsw8c.jpg

I ordered my fillet medium, and it was server perfectly.  RLOL! I am scared of bloody meat! Pairing the balsamic sauce and the mustard with the beef was perfect.  It was well balance of sweet and nutty flavour.  The mashed potato was creamy and sweet. 

 photo PC080442_zpsayarjwem.jpg

Prawn & Pineapple Curry with Basil & Mint Sauce, served with Yellow Rice, Okra & Cashew Nut Coconut Sambal

 photo PC080434_zpsy03ztmfx.jpg

Baked Salmon with Preserved Lemon Chermoula, Baked Layered Turmeric Potatoes, Green Mint Sauce & Lime Dressed Coleslaw

 photo PC080437_zps3il6bzir.jpg

Ayam Percik, Chicken Langkawi Style with Green Mango & Cashew Nut Salad, Pineapple Sambal & Kerabu Rice

 photo PC080432_zpsbkb3bcwq.jpg

Rack of Lamb with Roasted Cumin Crust, Baked Layered Turmeric Potatoes, Gingerbud Eggplant Sambal, Roast Pumpkin with Mint Sauce & Chilli Jam

 photo PC080438_zpsrlfdi4ks.jpg

How can any delicious main entry ends without dessert.  We were serve 3 different type of dessert.

Salted Caramel Cheese Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream, Pistachio & Honey Sauce on Fresh Mango

 photo PC080444_zpsn2p9ruml.jpg

Steamed Apple, Macadamia & Butterscotch Pudding with Gula Melaka Ice Cream & Apple, Ginger Compote

 photo PC080448_zpsa8wy2ym9.jpg

Layered Ice Cream Cake - Coconut, Gula Melaka & Vanilla Ice Cream served with Pistachio Praline & Chocolate Sauce

 photo PC080449_zpsmed4hk8o.jpg

Those who know me would have guess that my favourite dessert for the evening is the Salted Caramel Cheese Cake! Salted caramel anything is yummy! Even Fried Chicken with salted caramel would be good too!

It was a fun night with lotsa laughter

 photo PC080425_zpszcw9trm2.jpg

 photo PC080423_zpsd7tlgabr.jpg

 photo PC080422_zpshjp4ka1y.jpg

And the hidden object behind the wine glass is........

 photo PC080419_zpsenfsfnfh.jpg

Checkout our #mannequinchallenge video. 

For reservations and enquiries, members of the public may call 082 417 601. You may also ‘Like’ ChinaHouse at the old CourtHouse on Facebook or follow us on Instagram at @chinahousek, to receive updates and information on our latest events and promotions.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dim Sum Unlimited - All You Can Eat @ Pullman Kuching

Pullman Kuching is having promotion on all you can eat Dim Sum. The promo is available at Nu Er Hong Restaurant from Monday to Friday, starting  on the 1st of December 2016.  It is only RM38nett per person and there is 50% discount for kids 5 - 12 yrs old.

 photo PB240260_zpssco7zqjq.jpg

 photo PB240233_zps2woc4eob.jpg

 photo PB240234_zps0jriu8qc.jpg

 photo PB240242_zpsd1hpaywl.jpg

 photo PB240249_zps5sdkiqwm.jpg

 photo PB240247_zpswcggfvbj.jpg

 photo PB240237_zpsb6ew4bcm.jpg

 photo PB240235_zps5t4m8c6i.jpg

 photo PB240243_zps7zizxtpr.jpg

 photo PB240250_zpsklov4nrz.jpg

 photo PB240256_zps8qa5nnlu.jpg

 photo PB240279_zpsoa7euidm.jpg

 photo PB240271_zpsdgevctj1.jpg

 photo PB240278_zpsbvoxq79y.jpg

 photo PB240280_zpsvhdkjvux.jpg

 photo PB240277_zpsarxavup4.jpg

 photo PB240246_zpssgxwjdq7.jpg

 photo PB240251_zpscpipgzt0.jpg

 photo PB240252_zpsbhdqv8l9.jpg

 photo PB240253_zps8trnn2ps.jpg

 photo PB240255_zpslsawuflr.jpg

 photo PB240254_zpst5g153fl.jpg

 photo PB240282_zps3lup56bk.jpg

 photo PB240273_zpstampekfp.jpg

 photo PB240272_zpszuk3pelo.jpg

 photo PB240270_zpsoi61x5cc.jpg

 photo PB240274_zpsx5j8y69q.jpg

 photo PB240266_zpstfdjcrr4.jpg

 photo PB240262_zpsjled0zkt.jpg

 photo PB240258_zpsxb5ov7ha.jpg

 photo PB240257_zpsqje6yfdo.jpg

 photo PB240261_zpsstpf4djy.jpg

 photo PB240263_zps1te4rlfn.jpg

 photo PB240264_zpsgebisq8g.jpg

 photo PB240268_zpskaab1ufj.jpg

 photo PB240267_zpsdyueuqvq.jpg

 photo PB240269_zps12gcmild.jpg

My favourite things from that day was their porridge, some msitakenly serve testing rendang bun (hope they will release it), Fried carrot Cake, fried prawn dumpling and charsiew bao, 

Their salted egg custard bun was nommy tooo

 photo PB240284_zpsgz0eddnr.jpg

Last but not least their wonderful mistakes, Rendang Bao

 photo PB240285_zpsacbfczdd.jpg

For inquires or reservation, kindly call 082-222 888 ext 2138