Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Durian Cream Puff @ Beard Papa's, 1 Utama

The last trip when I was in KL I found this Durian Cream Puff.



Look at how creamy the durian inside the puff. I love love love it. Now i am planning to go there again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Malaysia Bloggers Recognition Award 2012

A week ago an notification on my facebook to register my blog,  so I just register without check what it is.

After that I receive an email,


Yes! I am in for the first round of Malaysia Blogger Recognition Award 2012!


Please vote for me to help me to go into the final round.  Just a two simple step

Step 1 : Like 'A Date with Bloggers' Fan Page

Step 2 : Like my photo!

Thank You all for your help.  I will try my best to update my blog frequently!

Restaurant Miao Jie @ Carpenter Street, Kuching

Awhile ago I was passing by a shop at Carpenter Street when I saw Abalone Soup Noodles.  I got excited, so I went in to check out the Abalone Soup Noodles~  They have 3 set of Abalone mee to choose from, RM 5, RM8 and RM10.  Each Abalone soup came with a plain Kolo Mee (Dry Noodles).

In the Abalone soup it has abalone slices, oyster, mince pork, tofu skin, vegetables and seaweed.

RM 10.00 Potion



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Each a Cup @ The Spring, Kuching

My new found love. I have fell in love with the Yoghurt drinks the first time I have it. My favourite order would be , Yoghurt Drinks + Lover's Fruits + Pearl.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grilled Hand Made Beef Burger @ Tian Lee Cafe, Padungan

I went with my mom to the shop the other nite.  She wanted to go catch up with her friend who is operating a stall there.  To bad she was not around.  While we are on the way walk out from the place we saw a gal eating a beef burger with a very thick patty inside.  When I turn to look at my mom she ask want to eat burger.

I ordered the Hand Made Beef Burger.

Grilled Hand Made Beef Burger RM 5.00 CCCC

I am going back there again to try DOUBLE BEEF!  I bet it will be even better~

The Great Dawg @ Hijau, BDC

As per recommended by my friend to try the great dawg at hijau,  I went to tried it out few weeks ago.

Great Dawg - RM 7.00 CCCC

Indeed it was really good.  No regrets of trying.  The set come with a Hot Dog topped with mayo, chilli sauce and mustard and Fries.   As you can see from the picture the sausage is way to big for the bun.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Leap Year Birthday

Those whose birthday fall on 29th Feb will only celebrate their birthday on the exact date every 4 yrs.  This year Pullman is giving a special treat to those whose birthday fall on the 29th Feb to dine for free @ Puzzle.  Buffet is @ RM69++ for adults and RM29++ for child.

For reservation or enquiries, please contact 082-222888 or email to H6332@accor.com

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Romantic Affair @ The Peak, Pullman Kuching

Wondering where to bring your loved one for dinner this Valentine's day?  Well it has to be a place that has great view!  Great ambience!  and  Great Food!



Pamper your love one with an unforgettable dining exprience at 'The Peak' which offers sweeping views of the Kuching City and Valentine Day Candlelight Dinner with combination of set and buffet concept.  Some of the delicacies to savor at the buffet spread include :

Amuse Bouche
Chilled Green Pea's Soup
Thin Slice Beef "Tataki in Goma Antari
Slow Poach Black Atantic Cod Fish with Citrus & Onion Relish
Hot Plate Sear Rock Lobster with Prawn Bisque Jelly in Champagne Flute

Sea Side Stroll
Fresh Chilled NZL Oyster
Fresh Salmon, Red Snapper & Tuna Sashimi

Salad Finely Shredded Carrots, Japanese Julienne & Romaine Lettuce
Green Oak Leaf, Red Coral, Greed Frisee 
Dressing & Sauces
Tomato & coriander, Pineapple, Papaya and Mango Salsa
Chilli Mayo, Cocktail Sauce, Lemon Wedges and Thai Chili dip & Tabasco
Blood Orange Dips, Thousand Island, French Vinaigrette, Ceasar & Italian Dressing

Soul-mate Condiments 
Crispy Beef Bacon bites, Finely Slice Chives, Roughly Chopped Oven Baked Walnut, Stuffed Green Olives and Kalamata Olives

Ala Minute
Valent's Strawberry Soup with Twister Crouton

Main Course (Choose Either 1)
Charred Prime Rack of Lamb Caramelized shallot
Crumble Pistachio, Sweet & Asparagus Mimosa in Rosemary Juice


Roast Stuffed Salmon Fillet with Hong Kong Kailan, Brown Onion, Vegetables Timale with Wasabi Butter foam and Topped with Salmon Roe.

And lotsa dessert to choose from.

Charred Prime Rack of Lamb 

Roast Stuffed Salmon Fillet CCCC

Thin Slice Beef "Tataki in Goma Antari CCCCC

Slow Poach Black Atantic Cod Fish with Citrus & Onion Relish CCC
Hot Plate Sear Rock Lobster with Prawn Bisque Jelly in Champagne Flute CCC


Fresh Salmon, Red Snapper & Tuna Sashimi


Valent's Strawberry Soup with Twister Crouton

Finally Dessert!!! What is love without sweetness in it!  So indulge yourself with all the sweet from the dessert bar!

I forgot the name of this pastries but it is really really good....I wish I can have the whole thing by myself! CCCCC


Chocolate Budino with Vanilla and Butterscotch Sauce CCCC

Macaroon CCC




The "A Romantic Love Affar" dinner will be served on 14th Feb nly and is priced @ RM168++ per person.  Couples dining at The Peak will receive a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, a stalk of rose for the ladies and a Chocolate Surprise.  Seats are limited.

While for those that did not able to book the a place at The Peak go to Puzzle Cafe.  As Puzzle will be having "A Celebration of Love", Valentine's Day Buffet Dinner on 14th Feb, Priced @ RM88++ per adult and RM39++ per child. 

While for those who prefer chinese cuisine, Nu Er Hong is offering Valentine's Day Chinese Set Menu @ RM888++ per table for 10 person.

For reservation or enquiries, please contact 082-222888 or email to H6332@accor.com

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Which are your favorites Sarawak Kolo Mee in Kuching?

Wondering where is the best Sarawak Kolomee in town?  I guess each of us has different favourites place to have Sarawak Kolo Mee.

Leave a comment for this post your favourite Sarawak Kolo Mee.  Please share me the location or direction to go to that place.  I will go and try it out.