Sunday, May 25, 2014

Han's Dim Sum @ Central Park 3rd Mile (HALAL)

There is a new dim sum join open up at Central Park 3rd Mile.  The dim sum they serve is halal.  Carol invited us over for food tasting before I flew off to HK last month. The shop name are Han's Dim Sum.

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They have variety of dim sum for you to choose from you can order their starter ala carte for RM16.88 where you will get 6 types of dimsum.

  1. Chef "Pick" of the Day
  2. Chicken Ham Roll
  3. Seaweed Roll
  4. Braised Chicken Wing
  5. Century Egg Siew Mai
  6. Chicken and Mushroom Siew Mai

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 photo P4123854_zps51c75e19.jpg

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For brunch you may order the Chicken Rice In Lotus Leaf Wrapped RM4.50

 photo P4123838_zps6f6960f0.jpg

 photo P4123840_zpsd3dacb53.jpg

You can choose other choices of ala carte dim sum from their menu too.  

I like this bun very much but I could not remember the name.  The bun was so cute right? Does the shape remind you guys of something?.....*yienyien text me to tell me that this bun is called kung fu bun minutes after i post up this blog post....LOL!!*

 photo P4123844_zps46323505.jpg

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Soon they will be expanding to food court in the mall.  Yeah a halal dim sum place for me to hang out with my muslim friend for early morning yam cha.