Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Election Day 2013 Breakfast @ Coffee Talk, Jalan Song

After I have perform my duty as a Malaysian, I went breakfast with my friend and my mom @ Coffee Talk Cafe at Jalan Song.  To catch up and gossip about the election topics.

Uncle Goh's Porridge for my mom.  Heard alot about this Uncle.  It turn out that the owner is my friend's uncle.  My mom ordered chicken porridge with century egg.  The porridge is really good.  I love porridge that the rice is cooked to like a super thick soup.

 photo P5050675_zpse47d7efc.jpg

 photo P5050676_zps11f28b03.jpg

While I ordered Angela's Laksa.  This laksa a bit towards the curry flavor.  It is not those traditional taste of laksa.  I find it a bit pricey that's all.  The laksa I ordered cost me RM6.00.  Overall the laksa is nice.  Worth trying.

 photo P5050679_zps8ae645e4.jpg

While waiting for our other food to arrive we ordered Poh Piah.  Poh piah here is good.  Just wish that they have coriander in it.  Overall is good~

 photo P5050678_zps1662d3e7.jpg