Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mother's Day Dinner @ Ling Loong, King Centre

We went to Ling Loong @ King Centre for Mother's day dinner,  as our earlier plan didn't workout we decided to go there.  Ling Loong is quite famous for seafood.

Fried Crab with Salted Egg,  I don't really eat crab but I tried the salted egg and butter bits from the dishes.  It was yummy!

 photo P5130746_zps71653e18.jpg
Fried Crab with Salted Egg - RM 23

Preserved Vegetable with Pork Belly Stew, it came with some steam bun.  When I reach there I saw almost every table has this dish.  My expectation of the dish it is really really good but to bad it was not really that good.  The preserved vegetable taste is not there that cause the pork belly and the stew broth is kind of bland
 photo P5130735_zpsbc86eba9.jpg
Preserved Vegetable with Pork Belly Stew - RM14

Oyster Omelette the oyster is so small.  Nothing to shout about.
 photo P5130736_zps81c95351.jpg
Oyster Omelette - RM12

Fried Midin with red rice wine,  it was good.  Midin is a kind of fern that grow in the wild.
 photo P5130741_zpsc414ee89.jpg
Fried Midin with Red Rice Wine - RM10

Fried Venison Meat with Ginger,  this is really good.  The taste of saltiness and ginger is there.
 photo P5130744_zps3d69a8a1.jpg
Fried Venison Meat with Ginger RM10

Lastly is the Sea cucumber soup,  the soup is kind of bland.
 photo P5130747_zps8075536f.jpg
Sea Cucumber Soup - RM 15

Overall food experience is only so so.  The total bill came to RM 84.00 for 4 person.