Friday, August 15, 2014

WiFi on air?

YIPPEEEEEE.....soon we will be able to Whatsapp, Line and WeChat on board in Air Asia! Excited right? Can't wait for it to be implement so my long haul flight alone will not be lonely anymore! I can chat with my friend on the ground from above the air.

Kuching Food Festival 2014 - Part 6 : Chocolate Sausages?

I receive a msg on my gtalk earlier today from my friend.  She said Kuching Food Fest tonight? RLOL the rest is history.  So I just got back from the fest with Rowena.  We did not try much tonight as my mom  has prepared dinner for me.  This is Rowena first time this year.  So we walk around most of the time.

First stop is Rowena wanted BBQ Corn,  so while waiting for the corn I saw something really really tempting on the BBQ Stove!  I will come back and try it.

 photo P8146614_zps3ea4ae61.jpg

 photo P8146613_zpse9bd45a3.jpg

I went back to the Incredible Hog stall again today.  I keep on thinking about the Chocolate Cheese Sausage.  The chocolates sausage is not really to my liking as there sweetness fragrant to it.  If i am not wrong is vanilla.  I wish that that the chocolate is dark bitter chocolate which will go better with the saltiness of the sausage.  The Cheese sausage was ok.

 photo P8046494_zps7e67e069.jpg

 photo P8046497_zpsb10959cf.jpg

 photo P8046496_zpsb79c2afc.jpg

While we are queueing for the Frozen soil,  I saw the banner next to that stall look tempting. Austrian BBQ! I not down on my list to try this stall next week.

 photo P8146616_zps4b95490f.jpg

 photo P8146615_zps3c910acb.jpg

I pass by this stall many times but I did not have a look on it as the menu was all in chinese I am not sure what they are selling.  I only hear the owner said fried pork ribs.  Me and Rowena decided to try the fried pork ribs.  It was ok as the pork ribs is a lil to dry.  There have 6 types of seasoning to choose from.  We had the spicy seasoning.  If you love fried food you should give it a try.

 photo P8036472_zpsb844257f.jpg

 photo P8146626_zpsc6dd8f82.jpg

It seems like this year a lot of stall selling things in flower pot.  It's kind of crazy right? Frozen Soil, Bonzai Ice Cream.  The one that cause my attention is Pot Mashed Potato. Another stall selling their product in a flower pot.  Decided to give it a try since Ice Cream is not really my things.  The Mashed Potato is good.  I wonder if they use instant potato. Cheese sauce is good, very cheesy and creamy.  I actually I am quite annoyed with this stall though.  When I ask for another plastic spoon they said cannot.  Come on it is just a small plastic spoon how much would it cost right?

 photo P8036483_zps463f738a.jpg

 photo P8146617_zps6431a18a.jpg

 photo P8146622_zps0c76c238.jpg

I have been putting off to try the fried octopus the last feel trips.  Tonight Rowena went to buy it from the stall.  The Octopus is kind of chewy and it has a lot of pepper salt on it.  It will be good if I have a beer to go with it.

 photo P8046506_zpsffce85bb.jpg

 photo P8146624_zps9f8ad81f.jpg 

I wonder will there  be any Part 7?  Comment down below if you want to see Part 7 of the Kuching Food Festival post.