Friday, June 23, 2017

Sukkiri Cha by Ichikawaen

I received Sukirri Cha for review, I tried the tea for a week and I fall in love with it.  Even though I does not has very bad constipation but if i did not drink enough water I will have problem with that. I was quite excited to receive it for review.

A lil background of Sukirri Cha, the tea contain 6 type of ingredient that is Helianthus Tuberosus, Sickepod Seeds, Acanthus Morning Candle Foliage, Lemon Grass, Camelia Sinensis, Rosehip.

Quoted from their page,
“If it is not tasty, the habit doesn’t stick. We want our customers to become healthier by drinking a tasty and healthy tea.” This is our believe.

In order to bring out the delicious flavors to its fullest, we check the ingredients we use and we gently roast them separately. This process is checked several times to ensure the blend we created is exquisite and delicious.

Our customers reported that they have lost weight by consuming our tea. It is said that about 75% of the waste inside our body is excreted with stools, consuming Sukkiri Cha not only promotes better digestion and relieves constipation but it also have a positive impact for consumers looking to have balanced diet.
There are 3 benefit of the tea
  1. Maintain Good Health
  2. Relieve Stomach Constipation
  3. Promote Digestion

You can adjust the strength of the tea according to your needs. Steeping the tea for 2 minute (Light), 3 minute (Recommended) or 5 minute (Strong).

I tried to drink the strong one as that week I was having constipation. Drank a lot less water for about a week as I was busy with my work. It really does help me to go to toilet.  I tried many tea that help you go toilet but their taste is quite bad.  Sukkiri Cha does not taste bad.  It does not cause discomfort like stomachache or diarrhea. You feel you need to go washroom that is all.

I love it so much I am going to repurchase and it myself. The price of the tea is not that expensive too.

Sukkiri Cha is available at :

Village Grocer outlet as below:
Mont Kiara
KL Gateway

All Health Lane Pharmacy

Online store Shoppu (AEON Group)

Sukkiri Cha English website.