Wednesday, November 19, 2014

7-Eleven Food @ Bangkok

When you step into any 7-eleven in Bangkok you feel like you are in food heaven.  I was so overwhelmed by the food selection there.  To bad I lost part of my 7-eleven meal picture.  Sadness.  Those that is missing is my dinner meal where we have pork rice and teriyaki rice. The price of the food is not that expensive.   Per pack is about RM 3 - RM 4.  You can request them to heat it up for you.

This is what I have on my phone.  Most of it is dessert and some snacks.

This is my favorites of all the snack that I have tried from 7-Eleven.  The cream in the puff is so creamy.  When you bite into it the cream inside the puff burst out with creaminess and vanilla.  One thing for sure the sweetness is just right.  I can down many many packet of this at one sitting.  Me and CY went back to 7-E the night before we went back to tabao. So sad that there is only 2 pack left. Next round when i go back I will definitely eat this again.

 photo IMG_20141031_210535_zps890d1d3a.jpg

Next is the this cute sandwiches, there have a lot of flavor.  The one I like most is Ham and Pork Floss.  Each of this cost around RM 1.  Very cheap!

 photo IMG_20141031_213053_zpsf4d8fe16.jpg

Tuna and Shredded Chicken Bun, this could be my less favorites among all.  The taste of it is not bad but the filling is too lil.  RLOL but what can I complain when the price of this is on RM2.20.  The bun is shaped like a mushroom, to cute to be eaten.

 photo IMG_20141102_161538_zpsf58b4284.jpg

 photo IMG_20141102_161556_zps398674c0.jpg

 photo IMG_20141102_161827_zps2eab7c0f.jpg

One of the night me and CY was whatsapping She was asking me I am asleep, and if i am tired.  I was playing games that time.  Since I was not sleepy so I ask her if she want to go 7-eleven she said yes.  Of we go to 7-Eleven to search for food.

That is when I introduce Eclair Cream to CY and get her hooked.  I bought the rice burger.  The patties was really nice but a bit to spicy for me.  The meat is tender and juicy.  Very well marinated.

The Double Black Soy Bean Milk is creamy and not to sweet.

 photo IMG_20141031_215409_zps010b0281.jpg

Next up is street food around my hotel.