Friday, June 21, 2013

Grilled Chicken with Salad

My lunch for 21/06/13. Nothing special on the salad as there s no dressing added to it. Just plain Baby Butterhead and cherry tomatoes.  Chicken has been marinated with recipe given by Tze Chung.

Ingredient for marinate
Black pepper
Olive oil

I marinated the chicken advanced and freeze it in the freezer.

**Sorry guys i do not have the meausrement for the ingredieny.

Oatmeal Porridge with Pork

My breakfast for 21/06/13.
Minced Pork
Kikoman Soy Sauce
1. Boil water and add in minced pork.
2. Cook the mince pork till it is cooked.
3. Add in oatmeal.
4. When oatmeal is cooked add in soy sauce to taste.
5. Serve with scallion.

Kuching No 1. BBQ @ Jalan Padungan

I have not been to the new place they moved.  On the Sunday of the long weekend, I went there for lunch with my mom.

We ordered the potion for two person. They maintain the quality of their food.  Even though my mom said it is not the same as their old owner which is their father.  NYUMZ!

 photo P6020900_zps26d1d1ea.jpg

 photo P6020904_zps91aae80c.jpg