Thursday, March 22, 2012

Local Avocado @ Milk Fruit

Few years back my friend showed me a green color fruit.  She told me that is milk fruits which is a local avocado.  After that i have been looking around for this fruits but couldn't find it.  Until last weekend I went to the midnite market with my mom, i found it.  I ask the seller what fruit is that and she told me is milk fruit in mandarin.  I ask herr if it taste like avocado.  She replied she is not sure as she has not tasted it before.  I bought the smallest fruit among all the fruits in the basket.


When I cut it open it look exactly like avocado but the taste of that fruit is not as creamy as avocado.  Or maybe it was not really that ripe yet.  Overall I like it,  I will get another one and try to keep till it is really soft.