Thursday, June 20, 2013

One 1 Food @ Chan Chin Ann Road

Went there for brunch with my mom on a weekend. I ordered Cantonese Kueh Tiao and my mom ordered Tomato Bee Hoon.  This is a place that I will not go back.  Unless I heard lotsa good review on their food, maybe I will go back to try.

Cantonese Kueh Tiao tasteless.  Sad....

 photo P6040910_zps4ade6e03.jpg

My mom Tomato Bee Hoon, gravy was so so only.  The potion of the bee hoon is so lil that even a small eater like my mom said it is not enough.  It is full of gravy only.

 photo P6040907_zps9c1249d5.jpg

Savory Oatmeal with Poach Egg

This is what i cooked for breakfast on 20/06/13. It was yummy! The savory taste of the soy sauce, oatmeal and the runny yolk is really good.  This is the first time i attempt to poach an egg.  It turn out ok but it was not that perfect yet.  Will try again soon.

Ingredient I used for this recipe,
Kikoman soy sauce

1. Cook oat meal with plain water.
2. Add in Kikoman into the oatmeal to taste.
3. In another pot boil water and add in a table spoon of vinegar.
4.  When the water start to boil low down the fire.
5. Crack the egg into a bowl and then slowly pour it into the hot water.
6. Egg will be ready when all the egg white turn white color.  Don't over cook the egg yolk.
7. Put it on your oatmeal and garnish with scallion and a lil bit of Soy sauce

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