Monday, December 1, 2014

Americano @ Soi 19, Bangkok

Just next to my hotel (First House Hotel), there is a small stall that sell coffee.  I did not notice it till the day before we leave.  I saw ppl queueing so I went to see what are they queueing for.  Got excited! I ordered my Americano! Yippeeee "Kopi O Kosong" Ang Mo Style!

 photo IMG_20141102_094108_zpsc82c5f64.jpg

The coffee with very aromatic and it has that dark roast bittersweet.  RLOL it was kind of too bitter for me.  Cause i ordered my coffee without sugar.  Should have gotten the one with sugar.  Anyway it was a good coffee!

 photo IMG_20141102_094130_zps6a0e7553.jpg