Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pan Mee & Beef Noodles @ Hua Hee Cafe, Premier 101

Melky post on Sarawak Foodies picture of Stewed Pork Pan Mee at this shop.  I was so so tempted to try it out.  Before this I have heard my friends commenting that the Pan Mee at this shop is quite good.  One fine Saturday morning i went there with my mom with a mission to hunt down this Pan Mee.

Kind of sad that the Stewed Pork Pan Mee is out of stock so we settle for the original Pan Mee.  I tried the soup,  it was tasty.  Can see it was well cooked soup, the sweetness of the soup came from hour of boiling and the ingredient that they add in it.  It was not those artificial seasoning kind of soup.

 photo P3093419_zps036aaf85.jpg

I ordered the beef noodles.  The noodles was ok only.  I think the water that use to cook the noodles was not changed that cause the noodles to be bit sticky.  The beef soup was very tasty.  It will be good if the noodles is cooked with cleaner water.

 photo P3093417_zpsb40d4bfc.jpg

The toast is so so only.

 photo P3093421_zpsa8fdb129.jpg

Friday, March 28, 2014

Vegetarian Food and Mee Sua @ Yew Cafe

There is this stall behind the coffee shop sell very nice vegetarian food.  I have been to this shop a few times without my camera.  So last Tuesday I went there with Chris.

I ordered Mushroom Curry Rice.  I love it.....

 photo P3183542_zps71600b94.jpg

Chris ordred Bittergourd Fried Kueh Tiao

 photo P3183539_zps6bc6f442.jpg

Tze Chung ordered Ang Cao Mee Sua.  The soup is really rich and tasty.  Full of Ang Chao Rice wine flavour.  Too bad the taukeinio who sell this does not make it everyday.  So if you want to try check out with the taukeinio first.

 photo P3183538_zpsb49f9292.jpg

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Durian Burger and Bidin Burger @ Pig Barn, Coffee Talk Cafe, Jalan Song

EEEEKKKKK durian burger?  That is my expression when I heard about it.  Would you think it will be nice? Durian with burger.  I gave a it a go to see if it was nice. When they serve my durian burger in front of me, the durian smell is so strong.  The burger is made up of Pork Patties, the normal condiment, Cheese and top with durian and cheese sauce.  The it was sprinkled with crackling pork.

A bite of that I was hooked! I love it!!  Too bad the owner said this is seasonal.  Durian Burger will be available during durian season only.  I went there the first time when I go there the second time there is no more durian burger.  I have to wait till the next durian season then.

The Durian Burger name is Thorny Affair.  When you order make sure you say it right.. *LOL*

 photo PC102998_zps3208fab2.jpg

 photo PC103004_zps6fd66998.jpg

That night we have another burger which is bidin burger.  A truly sarawakian burger! Who don't love bidin in Sarawak.  Burger is serve with pork patties, bacon, cheese and the normal condiments.  It was then top with bidin salad.  To bad it was a limited edition.  It was no longer in the menu. 

 photo PC103006_zps244e0989.jpg

 photo PC103003_zpscfbf831c.jpg

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bread and Pastries @ Ik Ho Cafe, Ang Cheng Ho

After seeing Melky posted a picture of a bread in Sarawak Foodies group in FB, I was tempted to go and check out this place.  That is all for the love for bread and pastries.  Last Friday I decided to go to check out the place with Chris.  Chris know where the place is located.  It is kind of hidden.

If you know where Sarawak Securities Building is then it will be easier.  After Sarawak Securities building there is a row of shop where there is one travel agency. After that shop there is a turning next to it.  If you drive in straight to the end of the road you will see the shop.

I got Meat Floss Puff.  Is a small puff pastry ball with Lotus seed paste and meat floss in it.  I think this is pork floss.  I forgot to ask the owner.  I love this as it was well balance of sweet and saltiness.  I don't usually like the lotus paste as it is normally very sweet. I guess just because there is meat floss in there which make it well balance.  The meat floss is salty.

 photo P3183531_zps11d80339.jpg

 photo P3183534_zps59d34077.jpg

I also bought the bread that was shown by Melky in FB.  It is Cheese bread with Ham and Chicken Ham in it.  I like this too.  Even though the bread is kind of thick but you can still taste the cheese and the ham in it.  The cheese and ham is still moist.  I thought it would be dry but it was not.

 photo P3183549_zps3e7f8bf0.jpg

 photo P3183547_zpsfaf93c10.jpg

Then I saw Walnut and Raisin bread,  I am kind of reluctant to buy.  As normally raisin bread will be sweet.  Which I don't really fancy but Chris told me that the bread is nice and not too sweet.  So I decided to give it a try.  Indeed it was not too sweet.

 photo P3183550_zps77179beb.jpg

 photo P3183552_zpse07ede20.jpg

There is a lot more type of pastries and bread that I would like to try.  All of them are freshly backed and hand made. I will be back for more goodies at this shop.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Summer House @ Jalan Reservoir

This place is located near to Sarawak Muzium, there use to be a play ground in between the museum and Summer house.  When I was young my parents would bring me here on weekend.  I would round around the playround.  Nearby the play ground there is place I am not sure how to describe it,  they have a few crocodile in there and some aquarium with fish in there.  I am always excited to see the crocodile.  I do have few old picture of the place.  I need to look up for it. Every sunday there is are band playing at the pavillion near by summer house.

According to my mom this use to be a very famous dating place during their younger time.  The boys will bring their girl friend here for a bowl of ABC and accompanied with rojak or belachan bee hoon.   During my high school time,  I will pass thru here everyday when I walk home from my school.  My school is situated across the road.  A lot of my schoolmate hang out at this place after our saturday school activity.

I went back there again after so long, I can't even remember when is the last time I there.  This time I went there to bring a blogger from Brunei for his food hunting session.  He is Cookie Monster from  I am so happy to meet a foodies from another country.  

The structure of Summer House still maintain as last time.  The place has changed owner but they still sell almost the same things.  ABC, Belacan Bee Hoon and Rojak.

 photo 1001530_10151930769541417_549522246_n_zps03063c74.jpg
(Picture by Thanis)

 photo PC072920_zps7ff1f4c0.jpg

Enjoy the serenity of view while enjoying my Ais Kacang. 

 photo PC072921_zpsd15a8e3c.jpg

 photo PC072924_zps76806694.jpg

Sitting on the old school bench.

 photo PC072922_zps2878ac5d.jpg

It feels like back to high school once again.  

Thanis ordered belacan bee hoon and Cendol Ais Kacang

 photo PC072930_zps7e365a8f.jpg

 photo PC072927_zpsbc912ee9.jpg

There is one things that is missing is the band.  To bad there is no band playing there anymore.  If there is then it was really back to the old time.  

The play ground is no longer there anymore it has been converted to water fountain.  I can't be running around anymore.  No more see saw, no more swing, no more slide....*LOL* *as if i am still able to run around like when i am young* 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We Love Soya @ City One Mall

There is so many food outlet open up in City One mall.  I went to We Love Soya few weeks ago with my mom and my brother.

 photo P1013250_zps10320690.jpg

I went in because I saw there is Durian Soya Bean Pudding.  That really catch my eye as durian lover.  I also ordered their original flavour and soya bean milk. The Durian flavoured Soya Bean Pudding is kind of disappointing to me.  As they use durian flavouring.

 photo P1013246_zps54c490db.jpg

The Original Soya Bean Pudding is good.  It was smooth and soft.

 photo P1013248_zps120d9e99.jpg

I love their Soya Bean Milk.  The Milk is thick and very flavourful.

 photo P1013249_zps27457049.jpg

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Soft Opening of The Library in Kuching @ ST 3 Mall

I was so excited about The Library opening in Kuching.  My colleague Anthea called me and invited me to their soft opening of the Library.  I was so happy without hesitant I accepted the invitation.

 photo P2133370_zpsb23f937c.jpg

 photo P2133365_zps6adb68dd.jpg

Is an open concept Bistro and Bar.  Nice to hang out.  They have outdoor sitting and indoor sitting.  You won't smell like and ashtray when you go home.

 photo P2133369_zpsb44c4f6d.jpg

 photo P2133371_zpsfc8eed0a.jpg

We ordered and ordered and ordered we end up drinking 7 tower.  I sneak away by the time they serve the 7th tower.  

 photo P2273405_zpsae1f6f15.jpg

If you spend more then RM100 you are entitle to apply for their Library card where you get member price for the beer.  Which I find the member price is quite reasonable.

 photo P2133374_zps4b17bb83.jpg

The chicken was ok only.  It seems like they have lotsa food menu.  Would love to try one of this day.

 photo P2133367_zps42d99386.jpg

 photo P2133376_zps5642a750.jpg

 photo P2133368_zps282cf2bd.jpg

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Prayer for MH370

Let us pray for the safety of  all on board ON MH370.  

 photo DSC00239_zps5ecbc8f8.jpg

Dear God,

Please show us the sign of where the missing plane is.  We need to reach out to help to rescue all those on board.  Their family and their love ones is waiting for their safe return.  We want to see them safely back to their home and love ones.

Dear Passenger,

Please be strong,  the rescuer is trying their best to rescue you from where ever you are...


Friday, March 7, 2014

Sing Kwang Big Pau @ Jalan Padungan

This shop is famous for their super big steamed pork bun.  They have been there for more then 30 yrs or maybe 40 yrs. I love their steamed bun very much.  The meat is well seasoned and not dry.  The one thing that for sure is that their egg is getting smaller.

 photo PB302832_zps962ce5a6.jpg

 photo PB302833_zps7c245854.jpg

The plate I use is the plastic plate that I got from Ikea.  If you have that plate you might know the size of it. :)

 photo PB302834_zpsda2795b1.jpg

Tiny quarter of egg in there....sad....but it was still ok I still love it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fu Yu Cafe @ Jalan Goh Meng Teck off Jalan Sekama

I have been frequenting this shop quite often. I love the tomato noodles here. The tomato noodles is serve with fried fish fillet. You can actually taste the tomato taste in the gravy and it is well balance of sweet, sour and saltiness.

   photo PC143089_zpsd624ef7d.jpg 

 Their Kolo mee is quite good too.

   photo PC143093_zps6f1eed77.jpg 

 There is a new stall which selling lotsa nyonya kueh. I like the Yam Kueh. It was top with salted veggie and dried shrimp. Very good!

   photo PC143086_zpsd1e9552e.jpg