Sunday, June 23, 2013

Breakfast @ On3 K, Jalan Song

I wanted to order breakfast meal from the western food stall but it was not open.  So i ordered similary breakfast from the stall behind it.

 photo P6091088_zpsc0058d28.jpg
Ham and Sausage and Egg (RM3.50)

 photo P6091090_zpsb9c7e3ad.jpg
Ham and Egg (RM4.00)

Potion is kind of small so I look out for more food.  Bi pao bi (Translate to english are rice wrapped rice.  Why it was give a name like that is because the skin is make from rice powder and in it was glutinous rice.)  This is my favorite kueh.

 photo P6091086_zpsa57f910b.jpg

While eating the kueh, I saw the next table couple ordered some dimsum.  and they were commenting on on the Liu Sa Bao (Which steamed bun with butter and salted egg custard in it.  The custard have to be runny then it is nice.).  The girl is telling the guy something like the bun custard is not runny.  So i decided to order and try.  Tze Chung wanted Char Siew Bao.

I went to the dimsum stall I told the owner of the stall that I want well steamed Liu Sa Bao.

 photo P6091094_zpse0357d6e.jpg

See the custard, is so nice! Guess the girl took the one that is not well steamed.  The Liu Sa Bao is nice.

 photo P6091096_zps2035e9cb.jpg

While the Cha Siew Bao is not that good.  The Char Siew is a bit dry.

 photo P6091093_zpsf2804dd1.jpg

 photo P6091098_zps61779af7.jpg