Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monkeebar @ Jalan Song Thian Cheok, Kuching

This bar was open awhile ago and it was always crowded.  One of the evening Wendy called me to ask me to go for a drinks with them.  I was kind of reluctant at first cause I had a dinner to attend that evening.  After the dinner I decided to go there for awhile only but I stick around until quite late that nite.  It was a nice place to chill out.  It was an open concept bar.  One thing for sure is their beer is not expensive at all.

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It was interesting to learn that 1/3 of their profit will be donated for the conservation of orang utan in Borneo.

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Quoted from their FB Page "Orangutan Project is a conservation company based on Borneo and have recently ventured into the bar business. We are always looking for alternate, sustainable funds for conservation and animal welfare. A third of profits from Monkeebar directly funds Orangutan Project's work on Borneo."

Two of the owner of the bar.

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Their FB page :

Let's drink for a good cause!