Sunday, December 28, 2014

Let's us pray for AirAsia X QZ8501

Another sad sad news this morning, AirAsia X QZ8501 flight from Surabaya to Singapore has crashed near to Belitung Timur.  Hope all the passenger and crew on board will be safe.

"Dear God,  Please protect all that are on board."

Leave a prayer on the comment below for those that are onboard.


AirAsia Updated Statement.

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AirAsia flight QZ8501 from Indonesia to Singapore missing

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ohhsome Fest @ Avenue K

Hi Guys,

I will be having a booth at #Ohhsome Fest 2014.  I will be giving away my limited edition notepad and Sarawak White Laksa.

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Here are my details.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Lighting and Charity Event @ Pullman Kuching

Attended Christmas Lighting and Charity event at Pullman Kuching last friday.

 photo PC057574_zpsac1e584b.jpg

 photo PC057576_zpsb6f5612d.jpg

 photo PC057569_zpsd50b9872.jpg

The event kicked off with lighting of giant christmas tree located at the hotel lobby by santa and santarinas. It was witnessed by some 40 children from Rumah Kanak Kanak and Salvation Army.

 photo PC057584_zpsb8209759.jpg

 photo PC057588_zpsb7f41840.jpg

 photo PC057590_zps0d92fc19.jpg

After the lighting event, they invite the children to handmad  gingerbread man for a special charity auction to raise fund for charity.  Cheerful faces, smiley faces, outfits with colourful buttons, different type of gingerbread come alive as children unleashed their creativity in this memorable gingerbread making.  As what Pullman Kuching general manager said "We hope to create fun memories so the childred had the time of their lives.

 photo PC057620_zps35fb10a6.jpg

 photo PC057596_zpsbbf9714b.jpg

 photo PC057598_zps641a9ac6.jpg

 photo PC057621_zps9e9ba3c2.jpg

 photo PC057622_zpsab3cbdd4.jpg

 photo PC057619_zpse633434e.jpg

Members of the public are invited to donate to these unique handmade gingerbread men, which will be displayed inside the giant Gingerbread house located next to the christmas tree until 25/12/14.  All proceeds to the respective homes.

The Gingerbread House, another highlight of Pullman Kuching's  festivity this year, serves as a festive booth where guests can purchase Christmas goodies and pre-order their christmas takeaway.  The christmas goodies include Chocolate Santa, gingerbread men, royal Yule Log.  and assorted christmas cookies from RM10+ onwards.

 photo PC057600_zpsece833cf.jpg

 photo PC057558_zps2590751c.jpg

 photo PC057562_zpsc2fba207.jpg

 photo PC057560_zps5271c9f8.jpg

 photo PC057564_zps5cb402e0.jpg

 photo PC057565_zps304706ae.jpg

 photo PC057563_zpsad9aa91c.jpg

After the event the children and guests are been treated to their christmas buffet at Puzzle cafe.  Lotsa christmasy food on the buffet table.

 photo PC057496_zpsfe644f8b.jpg

 photo PC057497_zps77f98bc7.jpg

 photo PC057498_zpsdff41901.jpg

 photo PC057503_zps6fe5ce20.jpg

 photo PC057505_zpsfdaf0d9c.jpg

 photo PC057502_zps6f73f3ed.jpg

 photo PC057516_zps3efa79fc.jpg

 photo PC057508_zps592995cc.jpg

 photo PC057509_zpsb55afec4.jpg

 photo PC057520_zpsc78ab9c4.jpg

 photo PC057527_zps5d7257b8.jpg

 photo PC057522_zpsad30bf05.jpg

 photo PC057626_zps28c6d9f6.jpg

 photo PC057625_zps980b1feb.jpg

 photo PC057629_zps8216eb37.jpg

 photo PC057557_zps787d7f25.jpg

 photo PC057556_zpsb9593cb9.jpg

 photo PC057553_zps8f5c7b84.jpg

 photo PC057525_zps0a20f493.jpg

Dessert table looks so chrimassy tooo!  Filled with chocolate, cheese cakes, christmas bread, cream puff pop, yule log, cup cakes and many many more!  Never can resist Pullman's cakes and dessert.

 photo PC057530_zpse9a96473.jpg

 photo PC057534_zps3bd9d73e.jpg

 photo PC057532_zpsaaa4226e.jpg

 photo PC057535_zps09618235.jpg

 photo PC057536_zpsbfb481ad.jpg

 photo PC057538_zps70e84047.jpg

 photo PC057543_zpsa9b686e3.jpg

 photo PC057544_zps0783ff6d.jpg

 photo PC057537_zps3af70a44.jpg

 photo PC057539_zps75f54caa.jpg

 photo PC057542_zpsd360ee59.jpg

 photo PC057545_zpsb1902b52.jpg

For guests that spend a minimum of RM20 in any outlet are entitled to giess the number of macarons on the gingerbread house.

 photo PC057559_zpsf7f62d6b.jpg

Alil tips for you guys...make sure you don't missed out any macarons on the gingerbread house wall, window panel and all over.... heheheh

The winner who guesses the right number of macarons on the gingerbread house will win Nu Er Hong RM200 cash voucher and 2 days 1 night stay and Pullman Kuching.

This year Pullman's Turkey takeaway is a mixture of Asian and Western flavour.  It is a new signature dish from Executive Chef Koay Chee Ming.  The turkey is inspired by Chef Koay's grandmother, it combines teochew traditional braised style and western roasting technique.  The turkey required minimum one day in advance booking. 

Christmas Eve Buffet is price at RM128++ per person, Christmas Day Brunch is at RM79+.

For more enquiries  please contact +6082-222888.