Sunday, February 1, 2015

La Cucina @ Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

I had lunch at La Cucina @ Pullman KL on my last trip to KL.  La Cucina is the newly launched urban dining specialty restaurant with an eclectic Mediterranean inspired cuisine.  The restaurant is highlighted with warm orange hues that complement the home-style table setting.  It is an open concept restaurant.  Where you will be able to watch how their chef prepare your meal.  Is a nice place to bring your client or a love one to dine there.

 photo PC157909_zpsi329ypjp.jpg

 photo PC157911_zpsc3roglul.jpg

 photo PC157914_zpsuszvdjzh.jpg

 photo PC157917_zpslv10j7sx.jpg

 photo PC157913_zpsspqjyxxz.jpg

 photo PC157912_zpsbtjxydpc.jpg

 photo PC157918_zpsp4yiyzdp.jpg

My lunch date with my mom @ La Cucina


 photo PC157937_zpszcycse6h.jpg
Smoked Duck and Mushroom Pizza

 photo PC157925_zpsvotyhuqb.jpg
Fresh Salad of the Day

 photo PC157927_zpsxyl25yig.jpg
Fresh-baked Assorted Bread

First Course

 photo PC157938_zpsjjhzihdn.jpg
Smoked Duck Taglioni

 photo PC157942_zps34sf7mrk.jpg
Spaghetti Alla Putanesca

Second Course

 photo PC157945_zpscawld5ud.jpg
Seared Pepper Salmon

This beef cheek is so tender is actually melt in your mouth.  It has been braised for hours and hours till it is tender.
 photo PC157953_zpscwrv4feq.jpg
Braised Australian Grain-Fed Beef Cheek


 photo PC157960_zpslvss81ty.jpg
Farandola di Dolce

I will come back for more next trip!