Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fu Yu Cafe @ Jalan Goh Meng Teck off Jalan Sekama

I have been frequenting this shop quite often. I love the tomato noodles here. The tomato noodles is serve with fried fish fillet. You can actually taste the tomato taste in the gravy and it is well balance of sweet, sour and saltiness.

   photo PC143089_zpsd624ef7d.jpg 

 Their Kolo mee is quite good too.

   photo PC143093_zps6f1eed77.jpg 

 There is a new stall which selling lotsa nyonya kueh. I like the Yam Kueh. It was top with salted veggie and dried shrimp. Very good!

   photo PC143086_zpsd1e9552e.jpg