Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadhan 2013 Buffet @ BCCK, Kuching

YEAY! This is my 3rd time having Ramadhan Buffet. It gets better and better every year :). BCCK debut Ramadhan Buffet is in 2009. There is a lot of choices to choose from. BCCK has came out with different dishes each week. Their dishes that they serve included the popular customary Malay Fav, refreshing mix of cold cut, local delicacies, Chinese and western hot dishes, Malay Kuih Muih, thirst quenchers and desserts.

From the starter/cold station.

   photo P7121293_zps57e728e0.jpg

 photo P7121303_zps60801fff.jpg

 photo P7121300_zpsf725baa5.jpg

 photo P7121294_zpsc4cdbfaa.jpg

 photo P7121304_zps038277a6.jpg 

 From the Main course / Hot meal Station

   photo P7121306_zpse2ab78aa.jpg

 photo P7121310_zpsfb95b600.jpg

 photo P7121322_zps36c5c4ac.jpg

 photo P7121327_zps85bdf1e1.jpg

 photo P7121311_zps721abe1e.jpg

 photo P7121329_zpscc66dcb1.jpg

 photo P7121343_zps39ad21d7.jpg

 photo P7121347_zpscd6440d3.jpg

 photo P7121353_zps92e7d4a4.jpg

From the stall

 photo P7121406_zpse9eedb38.jpg
Sarawak Kolo Mee

 photo P7121408_zpsc75e95e2.jpg
 Chicken Sharwarma with Pita Bread(Love this!!)

 photo P7121402_zpsecf800e7.jpg
Roasted Chicken

 photo P7121401_zps47facc87.jpg
Roasted whole lambs

Their bread station is my favorites,  I really love their bread!

 photo P7121305_zpsb39fe544.jpg

Even though I was so full from the main dish and starter and all the other food, i still wan to eat the bread.  I will never resist or say no to good bread!

 photo P7121417_zps1fc926c0.jpg

Last but not least their dessert

 photo P7121368_zpsbb31787d.jpg

 photo P7121381_zps53e96997.jpg

 photo P7121379_zps281b995b.jpg

 photo P7121367_zps6976ed39.jpg

 photo P7121371_zpsf4aba673.jpg

 photo P7121365_zpsa2834460.jpg

 photo P7121366_zpsc0557158.jpg

 photo P7121364_zps1f15be23.jpg

 photo P7121361_zpsfecab004.jpg

I also manage to stuff this cookies into my tummy.  I never regretted the it cause the cookies is so so good~

 photo P7121429_zps575098ed.jpg

For more information and booking please call BCCK reservation line 082-392 889.