Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mi Goreng Chilli Hijau by Indo Mie

I found this awhile ago when I was at Ta Kiong.  The name caught my eyes. Green Chilli....should be very veyr spicy. I decided tomgive a try.
i brought to my office few weeks later, I had it for my breakfast.  As usual I cook instant noodle using office microwave. While walking towards my table I heard my friend ask "who cook? Smell so spicy". the smell of the noodle is quite intimidating.  LoL!
My first bite exprience, wah so spicy....but so good.  I cannot stop eating! Few of colleague got tempted and they said they love it.  The noodle has the very strong green chilli taste. The level of spiciness for me is still ok.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

KEWPIE Japanese Dressing - Sesame Soy Sauce

Everytime I passby this bottle of dressing at supermarket I got tempted to buy it.  I will take and put it in my basket but I put it back after that as I am not sure if it was good. So few weeks ago I put it in my basket again but this time i bring it home. I was thinking is ok just try this for once if not nice then don't purchase it again in future.
When open the bottle, I was blown away by the smell.  It has that strong nutty smell which is very appertizing.  The taste of it is well balance of saltiness, sour and nuttiness. It was very delicious, I think i can drink it just like that without my salad. LoL!!!
I will definitely going back to buy this! Love Love Love it!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

AirAsia RED HOT Party

Our flight schedule to fly to KL on 30th May 2014 at 7 am in the morning.  I woke around 5.15 am to get ready to airpot.  My aunt has picked me up at 5.30am.  Me, Yien and Jian meet up at the airport before 6am.  This is the first time I catch a flight that early.  We have no choice to choose the 7 am flight as the 10.40am flight is full.  Airport is quite full when we arrived.  After dropping all our luggage we want to go to Marybrown at  boarding hall to have some food to eat.  To our horror it was not open this early! We try our luck with Coffee Bean hopefully it was open.  As we were walking towards Coffeebean we pass by a coffee vending machine.  Very interesting now we have vending machine for coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccino. Coffeebean is still closed.  Yien and Jian is hungry and I am craving for some caffeine shots.  We end up at the vending machine.  I had cappuccino, Yien and Jian  had hot chocolate.  Even though the taste of it is only so so but still good enough to kick start our early day.

We reach KL round 8.45 am.  We landed at KLIA 2 *excited*.  Airport was so big,  we have to walk quite far to the luggage collection area.  We have done some research before we fly of the other day,  some blog says that using the meter taxi to go down to town is cheaper.  We check at the coupon counter to go down to Bukit Bintang there charges was RM74.  We try to get the meter taxi.  We paid RM 2 at the counter and then we went outside to get the taxi.  We paid total of RM73 in the end.  RM1 cheaper.

We reach our hotel around 10 something,  we try to check in as some hotel will only allowed you to check in after 12am.  When the receptionist say our room is ready and we are able to check in early, we are so excited.  After check in and leave our luggage in the room.  We went out to grab some breakfast, after that we went shopping around that area.

Me and Yien went back to the hotel before 4 am to get ready for the event that night.  Thanis arrived shortly after we went back to our hotel. Getting ready excitedly for the event.  From our hotel to mandarin oriental it took us 1 hrs plus.  If we walk it will only take less then 30 minute.  We reach the venue at 7.35pm, we are super late.

After registration we went down to B3 where Sultan Lounge.  When we went down the staircase we were greeted by Taylor Swift.

 photo P5305905_zpsf1703caa.jpg

 photo P5305908_zpsfd60e8dd.jpg

 photo P5305929_zps56800d73.jpg

We get to meet lotsa bloggers from malaysia, brunei, indonesia and others.

 photo P5305925_zpsfc5eec38.jpg

 photo P5305918_zps0bb35dba.jpg

 photo P5305917_zps7dbafb36.jpg

 photo P5305936_zpsc59e85e5.jpg

Lotsa selfie session that nite

 photo P5305914_zpsce6b4bae.jpg

 photo P5305915_zpsbc79e138.jpg

Taylor Swift The Red Tour official plane

 photo P5305938_zps69eadc18.jpg

It was a fun nite at the event.  I hope there will be more event that I get to attend in future.

 photo P5305916_zpse6af0c24.jpg

 photo P5305928_zps0b41d35d.jpg

 photo P5305910_zps9673ea74.jpg

Thanks AirAsia for the invitation. #AABC

Friday, June 6, 2014

AirAsia RED HOT Party - Taylor Swift The Red Tour

I received and invitation on 20th May 2014 for AirAsia RED HOT Party.  I was sleeping at that moment when the mail came in. YienYien called me excitedly asking me if I have received the invitation.  I told her I am not sure as I was still in dreamland when the mail arrived.  She ask me to check after hanging out the phone. Indeed there is a mail invitation from AirAsia.  I was so excited that there is no word can describe.  As this will be the first event by #AABC that I get invited.

The event is in KL on 30th May 2014 @ Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental.  I replied to AirAsia instantly to RSVP.  After that my whatsapp group for the event has went ding dong ding dong the whole day.  Jian and Thanis was also been invited for the event.  All of us was so excited. Luckily my boss approved my leave in time for me to fly off.

 photo aats_zpsc7adaf28.jpg

Blog post of the event will be up soon!  I promise this time it will be up very very soon!