Saturday, November 23, 2013

Absolute Tribal Restaurant (ATR) @ Jalan Tabuan, Kuching

After hearing so many ppl talking and asking me to go and try out the food at Absolute Tribal,  I went there atlast with my colleague few weeks ago.  Lotsa ppl were talking about the laksa that they serve is really good.  Without hesitation  I ordered their laksa,  Wee and Helen ordered the Buttered Chicken rice.  We also ordered the fried oysters to share.

Their laksa lean towards more of curry laksa rather then the traditional sarawak laksa.  The santan is on the heavier side.  For me with RM 8.00 is kind of expensive but considering the environment of the restaurant well that should be the amount that I need to pay.  While for the taste of the laksa it is not very to my liking as I love my traditional Sarawak Laksa more. If you guys like Sarawak Laksa that lean towards more curry laksa then you may want to give this Sarawak Laksa a try.  Remember to add the belachan and the lime to enhance the taste of it.

 photo P9272188_zps5c74019d.jpg

The fried oyster is really good! I love it!  The oyster is very fresh.  Truly recommend to try it.

 photo P9272192_zps743034f2.jpg

Butter Chicken Rice I did not try but looks kind of good.

 photo P9272191_zpsb2abbd49.jpg