Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Swanky Sarah @ Jalan Pisang

A few of us was invited for the pre-opening food tasting session at Swanky Sarah.  This place use to be Simplicious but the venue was taken over by Swanky Sarah.  Swanky Sarah is a boutique cafe style where you can dine in and shop for accessories and clothings.  They will come out with their own line of accessories and clothings.  The food they serve is fusion food.  A mixture of western and local taste.

Swanky Sarah is open for business.

 photo DSC04635_zpsbf7fb099.jpg

 photo DSC04640_zpsde48ae98.jpg
Charcoal BBQ Pork Belly (@RM10.00 per 100gm)

 photo DSC04639_zps35a0c4a0.jpg
Grilled Calamari Ring with Nyonya Dip (@RM14.90)

Grilled calamari and BBQ Pork belly is served with Cencaluk (Nyonya Dip).

 photo DSC04641_zpse6d69a7f.jpg

 photo DSC04638_zpsceaefdfb.jpg
Garden Salad (@RM8.90)

 photo DSC04643_zps456d2423.jpg
Charcoal BBQ Chicken Wing

 photo DSC04648_zps0c18d0d4.jpg
Charcoal BBQ Sirloin Beef (@RM34.90)

 photo DSC04646_zps27fe58c9.jpg
BBQ Grilled Lamb Leg (@RM39.90)

 photo DSC04652_zpsdb6f076a.jpg
Charcoal BBQ Pork Ribs (@8.90 per 100gm)

 photo DSC04644_zps6808cb17.jpg
BBQ Half Quarter Chicken (@RM39.00)

All main course is serve with papadom, salad and potato of the day.  Choices of sauce is black pepper, garlic and mushroom.