Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Le March Buffet @ Pullman Kitchen, Pullman Waterfront Miri

A very interesting style of buffet to me.  I have never been to a buffet where they cook your meal on the spot. I was able to pick and choose what I want to eat and what style of cooking.  It is even up to the sauces that you want to use.

The buffet is at Pullman Kitchen, their all day dining restaurant.

They have a lot of choices to choose from, from beef to chicken to seafood and vegetable.  Pick and choose what do you want to eat.

Bring your raw ingredient to the cooking station for the chef to cook for you.  Choose the type or style or sauce that you want the chef to prepare for you.  After that see them in action preparing your food.

 photo PC020327_zpsdeik9rzm.jpg

 photo PC020325_zpsuwi2ftp8.jpg

 photo PC020328_zpss34zgptc.jpg

While waiting for your food to be prepared, head on their salad station for some yummy salad.

 photo PC020330_zps1nty6mxf.jpg

 photo PC020331_zpsk1watenf.jpg

 photo PC020332_zps9jp9unvy.jpg

 photo PC020333_zpsue6vumfr.jpg

There are also ready cooked food to fill hangry tummy while waiting for the cooked food. Laksa and Beef Noodles is available too.

 photo PC020336_zpsmeu5kyxp.jpg

 photo PC020335_zpskqujkisx.jpg

 photo PC020338_zpsslgnjfd6.jpg

Last but not least, cakes, bun and pastries....DESSERT TIME!

 photo PC020319_zpsu2ezsq8x.jpg

 photo PC020318_zpsljzhhygm.jpg

 photo PC020316_zps4asxo4s8.jpg

 photo PC020317_zpsceh8f590.jpg

 photo PC020320_zpssxoysyww.jpg

This is what we have on that evening...

 photo PC020345_zpsicwt3i8y.jpg

 photo PC020347_zps3xstsdef.jpg

 photo PC020351_zpsjpzn37tv.jpg

 photo PC020349_zpsxxcxsk2h.jpg

 photo PC020342_zpsptmx6ymd.jpg

 photo PC020356_zpsjixtizdd.jpg

 photo PC020360_zpsl9yqbfky.jpg

 photo PC020358_zpsemlbvult.jpg

 photo PC020361_zpspbqdf7uf.jpg

For enquiries and reservation contact Pullman Waterfront Miri @ 085-323 888. Visit their website and like their page for more promotion www.pullmanhotels.com ; https://www.facebook.com/PullmanMiri