Saturday, June 22, 2013

Glutinous Rice Cake @ TJ Delight,

RM 1 for a piece. The glutinous rice cakes is nyummy. Their glutinous rice cake been pan fried till crispy on the outer part and soft inside.  you can actually see the mushroom bits and dried shrimp bit.   I cannot help to order after my porridge.

Belachan Porridge @ TJ Deligh

Belacan Porridge? Eeeeerrrkkkkk.....would you try?  This will be my first time trying this.  Guess what? It was nyumz. A bit spicy for my taste.  It was a really interesting flavor. :-)

Pancake @ Little Sky Cafe @ Jalan Song

The pancake is very delicious! The egg and the batter is not bland. Some seller their batter is tasteless which is a big no no. Maybe they thought the ham saltiness will able to give flavour to the pancake.  Actually it will be able to give flavour to the pancake if they put more ham in it.  Which it will increase the cost of the pancake.  Instead of adding more ham, add lil big of seasoning into the batter.  Which is much better this way.

 photo P6030905_zpsba3b5c52.jpg