Friday, March 21, 2014

Summer House @ Jalan Reservoir

This place is located near to Sarawak Muzium, there use to be a play ground in between the museum and Summer house.  When I was young my parents would bring me here on weekend.  I would round around the playround.  Nearby the play ground there is place I am not sure how to describe it,  they have a few crocodile in there and some aquarium with fish in there.  I am always excited to see the crocodile.  I do have few old picture of the place.  I need to look up for it. Every sunday there is are band playing at the pavillion near by summer house.

According to my mom this use to be a very famous dating place during their younger time.  The boys will bring their girl friend here for a bowl of ABC and accompanied with rojak or belachan bee hoon.   During my high school time,  I will pass thru here everyday when I walk home from my school.  My school is situated across the road.  A lot of my schoolmate hang out at this place after our saturday school activity.

I went back there again after so long, I can't even remember when is the last time I there.  This time I went there to bring a blogger from Brunei for his food hunting session.  He is Cookie Monster from  I am so happy to meet a foodies from another country.  

The structure of Summer House still maintain as last time.  The place has changed owner but they still sell almost the same things.  ABC, Belacan Bee Hoon and Rojak.

 photo 1001530_10151930769541417_549522246_n_zps03063c74.jpg
(Picture by Thanis)

 photo PC072920_zps7ff1f4c0.jpg

Enjoy the serenity of view while enjoying my Ais Kacang. 

 photo PC072921_zpsd15a8e3c.jpg

 photo PC072924_zps76806694.jpg

Sitting on the old school bench.

 photo PC072922_zps2878ac5d.jpg

It feels like back to high school once again.  

Thanis ordered belacan bee hoon and Cendol Ais Kacang

 photo PC072930_zps7e365a8f.jpg

 photo PC072927_zpsbc912ee9.jpg

There is one things that is missing is the band.  To bad there is no band playing there anymore.  If there is then it was really back to the old time.  

The play ground is no longer there anymore it has been converted to water fountain.  I can't be running around anymore.  No more see saw, no more swing, no more slide....*LOL* *as if i am still able to run around like when i am young*