Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sarawak Laksa and Laksa Chicken Feet @ Wang Full Cafe Jalan Pertanak

On labour day morning I called my usual friend out for breakfast.  I was actually trying to find a place call corner coffee shop at jalan pertanak.  As somebody posted a delicious picture of breakfast on facebook.  I couldn't find it the shop so my friend said go and try the laksa at this coffee shop as he heard someone told him the laksa is good.

When I got out from my car i bump into a friend of mine.  He told me the laksa here is really good.  He also told me that the chicken feet is nice.  

 photo P5010624_zpsdd7e2188.jpg

 photo P5010625_zps7aeb92d0.jpg

Laksa is good! I love it very much! and the chicken feet is so tender.  You put the claws into you mouth and the flesh just fall apart! You can spit out all the bones without bitting.  RLOL i know it sound disgusting but who cares good food covers all.

My mom are not allowed to have oily food as she just went thru surgery.  So she ordered the kolo mee and fish ball soup.   As usual she will give me all the left over and  I have to help her finish her food.  The fish ball and fish cakes is really good.  The fish ball and fish cakes is hand made.  So the look of it is not really tempting but the texture is really good. 

 photo P5010628_zpsa0bd4aae.jpg

 photo P5010629_zpsc41ad977.jpg

Overall the food that day was really satisfying.  I will go back there again for sure~!