Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Breakfast @ Lee Cafe, Jalan Ban Hock

Is been awhile that i have not been to this coffee shop although my house is super near to it.  Went there with my mom and my friend one morning.  I went there that is because my friend is already half thru their breakfast.

The is a stall here where the owner sell Kueh Tiao Soup and porridge.  This stall operator has been around since more the 20 yrs ago.  I remember him as a stall operator at a coffee shop near by Lee Cafe which is facing the main road.  The time I working at the coffee shop during on morning.  I go to school in the afternoon.  *RLOL*  I work for a month only after that I quit cause I have to wake up 5.30am to go to work @ 6:am *YAWNZZ*. *I know lazy bum in making since I was young*

Back to the rice noodles I ordered. I am not sure the name for it but I know kuching ppl called it "Ngiaw Chu Kueh" (Mouse cake) or "Ngiaw Chu Boi" (Mouse tail).  The quality it is still the same, as delicious as  I use to have it when I was a kid.

 photo P5120725_zps1bbe8491.jpg

My mom ordered Tomato Fried Bee Hoon.  It is Fried vermicelli with tomato base sauce.  First glance was not that appetising.  When had a spoon full it was delicious.  The  vermicelli is fried to perfection.  It has that smokey taste.  When it was mixed with tomato base sauce it became perfect!

 photo P5120728_zps475c8977.jpg

I also ordered Spring Onion pancakes.  The taste of the pancakes is kind of bland.  I finish it with my mom soya sauce with chilli.  

 photo P5120730_zps2c39dfb8.jpg