Monday, August 4, 2014

Kuching Food Festival 2014 - Part 1

Once again the month of August where Kuchingite will flood the MBKS Jubilee Hall for the food savouring.  *RLOL* Being a Kuchingite, how can I not go?

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I was not feeling well during the opening on friday so I did not get to go. *SOB* *SOB* So last night after I pick my mom up around 10.20pm I went there with her.  Most of the stall finished selling their food.  So today after work, I die die also must go.  I have done my survey last night on what i wanted to eat.

Bora Bora Singapore Laksa

When I walk pass the stall I was capture by the name of the stall. Bora Bora...cute eh.. So they are selling Singapore Laksa.  While I was taking picture of the stall the guy asked me if I want to try.  So he gave me a small bowl to try.  The smell remind me of prawn curry.  The taste is exactly like prawn curry, there is nothing spicy to it.  Very very mild taste.

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 photo P8046492_zpsd6802528.jpg


Spanish Churros

I heard of Churros before but I never had it before. Churros is a type of Spanish donut.  The Churros is buttery and fried to perfection.  I love the Cheese Churros as it was not sweet but creamy. While the cinnamon sugar with chocolate dip is kind of too sweet for me but if you like sweet things then the cinnamon sugar with chocolate dip will be your favorites.

 photo P8056516_zpsacc95d9f.jpg

 photo P8056515_zps972b5890.jpg

 photo P8046503_zps2929d655.jpg

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(RATING : Loving It)

The Incredible Hog

One look of it when I pass by it looks like normal stall selling sausages.  What caught my eyes is the egg, at first i thought it was just some normal egg in a pastry or bun.  When I walk nearer I saw that the egg was wrapped in something like meat.  So I ask the stall owner what is that outside the egg.  He said is the meat from german sausage.  Well it got me interested, I ordered one egg and mini sausages wrapped in bacon.  I can be sure that the mini sausages is not the frozen sausages, it is mini german sausage.  While waiting for my food to be ready I go thru the menu I so another interesting sausage, Choco Cheese Sausage.  I as the owner Choco Cheese because it is chocolate color and cheese in the sausage or the real Chocolate and Cheese in the sausage.  He said is Chocolate + Cheese in it, I am so going to try it tomorrow.

 photo P8046494_zps7e67e069.jpg

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(RATING : Loving It)

My Mom got a Curry Puff from the vegetarian stall which is still the plastic bag.  Will try to steal a bite to night.

 photo P8046500_zps4a8f69cd.jpg

She also got a fried bird from the usual stall that operate every year.

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This year the craze is the salted fish bun.  All this is cause by the Hong Kong Drama that show not long ago.  Is about a chef who made the Salted Fish Bun for the emperor and he love it very much.  I wanted to try but my mom said we can try next time as she don't want to queue up.

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This are the stall that caught my eyes.  I will go back and try the food if I has the chance.

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 photo P8036464_zpsce7828fc.jpg

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One things I am very upset is that some of the stall operator they put their stall name or what they are selling in chinese only.  For somebody like me who don't read chinese I don't even know what they are selling.