Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Gold Fever with Kate

I was invited to attend the KATE Gold Party @ Margenta by Everrise last night.  A night of glamorous party with gold!.  Which girl will say no to make up? Which girl with say no to gold? Maybe there is but I will NEVER say no to that two things.  When two of it combine truly glamorous and elegant experience.

This KATE Gold Party Exprience. commemorating KATE's illustrious and successful partnership with Everrise for the past serveral years.  The event was held at Magenta Restaurant and attended by Mr. Katsutoshi Kajino, CEO of Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Sia Gorup Executive Director of Everrise Deparmental Store Sdn. Bhd., Mr Kenny Sia, Group Director and Mr Mikiya Hirai, KATE International Japanese Makeup artist. The whole KATE's latest SS2013 "GOLDISH EYES" collection was showcased at the event.

 photo P6070968_zps982fc7dc.jpg

 photo P6070930_zps5af06929.jpg

 photo P6070915_zps99563cc9.jpg

 photo P6070916_zpsc113b98e.jpg

 photo P6070929_zpseff483a7.jpg

The event kicked off with the speech from Mr Jeffey Sia.

 photo P6070939_zpsb42edc4d.jpg

The highlight event of the night is KATE Makeup Demo by KATE International Makeup Artist, Mr Mikiya Hirai.

 photo P6070959_zpsb516a77c.jpg

 photo P6070957_zpsfa36aeb8.jpg

 photo P6070951_zps4fa9271a.jpg

Mr Hirai is a leading makeup artist from Japan who vowed the crowd at the even with the stunning "Goldish Eyes" transformation. The gold theme was deliberate and meaningful as KATE's distinctive persona is one of fun, party, sophistication and a touch of enigma. 

After the makeup demo was the "Show Your Kate Style" by Everrise / KATE valuable custmer whom was selected from the Lucky Draw Campaign.  The ladies were perfectly prepared and makeup with matching outfits, which was perceived as the best to present themselves in KATE Style.  Each participant get to catwalk and posed their best to the judges. Three winners were chosen from this contest.

 photo P6071005_zps1446ad9b.jpg

 photo P6071007_zps5ee28bc4.jpg

 photo P6071009_zps677340b4.jpg

I won a set of makeup worth RM150 from the quiz games! yippeeeee and all of us was given door gift which contain makeup from KATE! 

 photo P6081081_zps61382b98.jpg

 photo P6081082_zpsf8619c4e.jpg

Sin also got the same makeup set for the quiz games! 

 photo P6070975_zpsb3b2c0a0.jpg

It was a night of fun filled party.

 photo P6070926_zps0e613e60.jpg

 photo P6071013_zpsec5c88ac.jpg

 photo P6071024_zps4106f1f9.jpg

 photo P6071033_zps1595e5a9.jpg

 photo P6071038_zps43764bb9.jpg

 photo P6071049_zpse07699ac.jpg

 photo P6071051_zpsd16c4683.jpg

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Chicken Rice @ World Cafe, Central Park 3rd Mile

I have heard a lot of ppl recommend me to try the chicken rice at this shop.  Few Friday ago, I went to have lunch with Hopey at this shop.  During lunch time it will be pack with ppl.  As there steam their chicken till it cooks not like what the other chicken rice stall they will cook the chicken in big pot of water.  Steamed chicken skin will be tastier and not soggy like those that been put in water to boil.

We were served with soup first.  My first taste of the soup was a shock.  RLOL! It was really salty.  Then I wonder if they actually make a mistakes that day,  so I asked Hopey if the soup is always like that?  She said yes! Ok nm soup salty is fine with me as it was not the main dish.

Then our rice was served, also the rice a bit salty for my taste.
 photo P5170757_zpse0da77d5.jpg

Lastly our chicken arrive after 20min waiting.  The chicken skin is is nice does not look soggy.  Chicken is tender and juicy! Then again it is a bit salty for my taste.
 photo P5170761_zpsbf8c9e74.jpg

Overall the chicken is tender and juicy.  Just wish that if they did not cook the rice that salty it will actually help to balance out the saltiness of the chicken.  I just realise that they did not serve us with soya sauce.  Maybe that is why they did not serve us with soya sauce as it is already very salty.