Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grilled Hand Made Beef Burger @ Tian Lee Cafe, Padungan

I went with my mom to the shop the other nite.  She wanted to go catch up with her friend who is operating a stall there.  To bad she was not around.  While we are on the way walk out from the place we saw a gal eating a beef burger with a very thick patty inside.  When I turn to look at my mom she ask want to eat burger.

I ordered the Hand Made Beef Burger.

Grilled Hand Made Beef Burger RM 5.00 CCCC

I am going back there again to try DOUBLE BEEF!  I bet it will be even better~

The Great Dawg @ Hijau, BDC

As per recommended by my friend to try the great dawg at hijau,  I went to tried it out few weeks ago.

Great Dawg - RM 7.00 CCCC

Indeed it was really good.  No regrets of trying.  The set come with a Hot Dog topped with mayo, chilli sauce and mustard and Fries.   As you can see from the picture the sausage is way to big for the bun.