Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grilled Chicken with Sauteed Mushroom

This is my lunch for 27/06/13.  something diff testing out the mushroom.

Chicken Marinate Ingredient

Kikoman Soya Sauce
Maggie Seasoning

Sauteed Mushroom Ingredient

Chicken Stock
Olive oil

Monday, June 24, 2013

Grilled Chicken Marinated with Yogurt

My lunch for 24/06/13 is grilled chicken marinated with yogurt.


Plain Low Fat Yogurt
Black Pepper
Salt and sugar to taste.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Breakfast @ On3 K, Jalan Song

I wanted to order breakfast meal from the western food stall but it was not open.  So i ordered similary breakfast from the stall behind it.

 photo P6091088_zpsc0058d28.jpg
Ham and Sausage and Egg (RM3.50)

 photo P6091090_zpsb9c7e3ad.jpg
Ham and Egg (RM4.00)

Potion is kind of small so I look out for more food.  Bi pao bi (Translate to english are rice wrapped rice.  Why it was give a name like that is because the skin is make from rice powder and in it was glutinous rice.)  This is my favorite kueh.

 photo P6091086_zpsa57f910b.jpg

While eating the kueh, I saw the next table couple ordered some dimsum.  and they were commenting on on the Liu Sa Bao (Which steamed bun with butter and salted egg custard in it.  The custard have to be runny then it is nice.).  The girl is telling the guy something like the bun custard is not runny.  So i decided to order and try.  Tze Chung wanted Char Siew Bao.

I went to the dimsum stall I told the owner of the stall that I want well steamed Liu Sa Bao.

 photo P6091094_zpse0357d6e.jpg

See the custard, is so nice! Guess the girl took the one that is not well steamed.  The Liu Sa Bao is nice.

 photo P6091096_zps2035e9cb.jpg

While the Cha Siew Bao is not that good.  The Char Siew is a bit dry.

 photo P6091093_zpsf2804dd1.jpg

 photo P6091098_zps61779af7.jpg

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Glutinous Rice Cake @ TJ Delight,

RM 1 for a piece. The glutinous rice cakes is nyummy. Their glutinous rice cake been pan fried till crispy on the outer part and soft inside.  you can actually see the mushroom bits and dried shrimp bit.   I cannot help to order after my porridge.

Belachan Porridge @ TJ Deligh

Belacan Porridge? Eeeeerrrkkkkk.....would you try?  This will be my first time trying this.  Guess what? It was nyumz. A bit spicy for my taste.  It was a really interesting flavor. :-)

Pancake @ Little Sky Cafe @ Jalan Song

The pancake is very delicious! The egg and the batter is not bland. Some seller their batter is tasteless which is a big no no. Maybe they thought the ham saltiness will able to give flavour to the pancake.  Actually it will be able to give flavour to the pancake if they put more ham in it.  Which it will increase the cost of the pancake.  Instead of adding more ham, add lil big of seasoning into the batter.  Which is much better this way.

 photo P6030905_zpsba3b5c52.jpg

Friday, June 21, 2013

Grilled Chicken with Salad

My lunch for 21/06/13. Nothing special on the salad as there s no dressing added to it. Just plain Baby Butterhead and cherry tomatoes.  Chicken has been marinated with recipe given by Tze Chung.

Ingredient for marinate
Black pepper
Olive oil

I marinated the chicken advanced and freeze it in the freezer.

**Sorry guys i do not have the meausrement for the ingredieny.

Oatmeal Porridge with Pork

My breakfast for 21/06/13.
Minced Pork
Kikoman Soy Sauce
1. Boil water and add in minced pork.
2. Cook the mince pork till it is cooked.
3. Add in oatmeal.
4. When oatmeal is cooked add in soy sauce to taste.
5. Serve with scallion.

Kuching No 1. BBQ @ Jalan Padungan

I have not been to the new place they moved.  On the Sunday of the long weekend, I went there for lunch with my mom.

We ordered the potion for two person. They maintain the quality of their food.  Even though my mom said it is not the same as their old owner which is their father.  NYUMZ!

 photo P6020900_zps26d1d1ea.jpg

 photo P6020904_zps91aae80c.jpg

Thursday, June 20, 2013

One 1 Food @ Chan Chin Ann Road

Went there for brunch with my mom on a weekend. I ordered Cantonese Kueh Tiao and my mom ordered Tomato Bee Hoon.  This is a place that I will not go back.  Unless I heard lotsa good review on their food, maybe I will go back to try.

Cantonese Kueh Tiao tasteless.  Sad....

 photo P6040910_zps4ade6e03.jpg

My mom Tomato Bee Hoon, gravy was so so only.  The potion of the bee hoon is so lil that even a small eater like my mom said it is not enough.  It is full of gravy only.

 photo P6040907_zps9c1249d5.jpg

Savory Oatmeal with Poach Egg

This is what i cooked for breakfast on 20/06/13. It was yummy! The savory taste of the soy sauce, oatmeal and the runny yolk is really good.  This is the first time i attempt to poach an egg.  It turn out ok but it was not that perfect yet.  Will try again soon.

Ingredient I used for this recipe,
Kikoman soy sauce

1. Cook oat meal with plain water.
2. Add in Kikoman into the oatmeal to taste.
3. In another pot boil water and add in a table spoon of vinegar.
4.  When the water start to boil low down the fire.
5. Crack the egg into a bowl and then slowly pour it into the hot water.
6. Egg will be ready when all the egg white turn white color.  Don't over cook the egg yolk.
7. Put it on your oatmeal and garnish with scallion and a lil bit of Soy sauce

**Trying to blog using my tab with apps.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WWWOW Award 4 more days to vote!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Makan Makan Road Trip to Lundu

The last long holiday Daniel suggested that we have a road trip to Lundu.  Lundu is small town about 1 hr drive from kuching city.  Now it is easy to go there as we do no need to use the ferry to cross that river anymore.  When we are half way to Lundu we are talking about the ferry and the Jetty.  When we are almost at the end of the bridge that replace the Jetty Daniel then turn into a corner, he told us that is where the jetty use to be located.  When we drive towards the end of the road and we found something!

SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! We have reach the junk food heaven! All this junk food is home made.  Me and Wendy go a bit ga ga over it.  RLOL

 photo P6010888_zpseebee2bf.jpg

 photo P6010889_zpsc6738bf6.jpg

Our haul from the Junk Food Heaven.  Sorry guys the junk food has go down to my tummy before i realise i have not taken picture of the individual pack.

 photo P6010890_zps1c5e52a0.jpg

 photo P6010891_zpsfebc3a9a.jpg

We go around Lundu town for awhile.  As it was raining that day when we reach.  I am unable to go down and take picture of the resort and the beaches there.  I heard the resort there is really nice.

Round and round we go trying to find a place to eat.  Most of the shop are closed.  We stop at Siong Kee Cafe is a corner shop.

We ordered Kolo Mee, Tomato Kueh Tiao and Fried Bee Hoon.

Kolo Mee was is delicious. The kolo mee cost RM 2.50 only! So cheap! It cam with lotsa topping too.  The dark color thing is actually pig skin.  It has been cooked till so tender it almost melt in your mouth.

 photo P6010893_zpsc7af256a.jpg

Tomato Kueh Tiao is so so.  It is really cheap too consider there is lotsa topping on it.  This tomato kueh tiao is RM 3.00

 photo P6010899_zps309b82da.jpg

Same with the fried bee hoon taste is so so only but it is really cheap.  The fried bee hoon is only RM3.00

 photo P6010894_zpsc1acebe3.jpg

I guess the food in small town is always cheaper then those in city area.  I will try to go on more road trip out of town next time.  It was a fun road trip!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Curry Rice @ TJ Delight

My mom went to help my uncle up at his satay stall at TJ Delight last weekend.  We decided to have dinner at TJ Delight that night.

Undecided what to eat, I went round and round inside the food court to find things that will catch my eyes.  Then I found a stall without stall names just picture of food.  It was hidden at the corner.  I ordered curry rice.

 photo P5260887_zps2960e3a7.jpg

 photo P5260886_zps3909bf63.jpg

The curry is really good but a bit spicy for my taste but I can bear with it!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Yu Zhi Xiang @ Height Drive Commercial Centre

We went lunch with our vendor the other at this place.  Some people are comparing this to Ah Yu Ker @ Jalan Song.

I ordered the mix fish soup and noodles.  Noodles was ok.  They use handmade noodles.  Handmade noodles normally the noodles is a lil bit broad.  The soup was not bad.

 photo P5220810_zpse65c49ed.jpg

 photo P5220814_zps7e1434bf.jpg

Clement ordered their big prawn tom yam soup!  Look very very appetizing!

 photo P5220817_zpsb984d7aa.jpg

They also ordered fried fish to be shared.  The fish is to big.  Normally this type if fish need to be smaller size and it was fried till crispy.  If it is small enough and it was fried till really crispy you can just eat the whole fish include the bones.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Gold Fever with Kate

I was invited to attend the KATE Gold Party @ Margenta by Everrise last night.  A night of glamorous party with gold!.  Which girl will say no to make up? Which girl with say no to gold? Maybe there is but I will NEVER say no to that two things.  When two of it combine truly glamorous and elegant experience.

This KATE Gold Party Exprience. commemorating KATE's illustrious and successful partnership with Everrise for the past serveral years.  The event was held at Magenta Restaurant and attended by Mr. Katsutoshi Kajino, CEO of Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Sia Gorup Executive Director of Everrise Deparmental Store Sdn. Bhd., Mr Kenny Sia, Group Director and Mr Mikiya Hirai, KATE International Japanese Makeup artist. The whole KATE's latest SS2013 "GOLDISH EYES" collection was showcased at the event.

 photo P6070968_zps982fc7dc.jpg

 photo P6070930_zps5af06929.jpg

 photo P6070915_zps99563cc9.jpg

 photo P6070916_zpsc113b98e.jpg

 photo P6070929_zpseff483a7.jpg

The event kicked off with the speech from Mr Jeffey Sia.

 photo P6070939_zpsb42edc4d.jpg

The highlight event of the night is KATE Makeup Demo by KATE International Makeup Artist, Mr Mikiya Hirai.

 photo P6070959_zpsb516a77c.jpg

 photo P6070957_zpsfa36aeb8.jpg

 photo P6070951_zps4fa9271a.jpg

Mr Hirai is a leading makeup artist from Japan who vowed the crowd at the even with the stunning "Goldish Eyes" transformation. The gold theme was deliberate and meaningful as KATE's distinctive persona is one of fun, party, sophistication and a touch of enigma. 

After the makeup demo was the "Show Your Kate Style" by Everrise / KATE valuable custmer whom was selected from the Lucky Draw Campaign.  The ladies were perfectly prepared and makeup with matching outfits, which was perceived as the best to present themselves in KATE Style.  Each participant get to catwalk and posed their best to the judges. Three winners were chosen from this contest.

 photo P6071005_zps1446ad9b.jpg

 photo P6071007_zps5ee28bc4.jpg

 photo P6071009_zps677340b4.jpg

I won a set of makeup worth RM150 from the quiz games! yippeeeee and all of us was given door gift which contain makeup from KATE! 

 photo P6081081_zps61382b98.jpg

 photo P6081082_zpsf8619c4e.jpg

Sin also got the same makeup set for the quiz games! 

 photo P6070975_zpsb3b2c0a0.jpg

It was a night of fun filled party.

 photo P6070926_zps0e613e60.jpg

 photo P6071013_zpsec5c88ac.jpg

 photo P6071024_zps4106f1f9.jpg

 photo P6071033_zps1595e5a9.jpg

 photo P6071038_zps43764bb9.jpg

 photo P6071049_zpse07699ac.jpg

 photo P6071051_zpsd16c4683.jpg

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