Monday, May 20, 2013

Meet Fresh @ Pavillion, KL

After our meail in Ding Dai Fung me and Hopey walk around to see if there is new things for us to try.  We started to do survey for our makan makan trip in July.  We pass by this kiosk name Meet Fresh.   So cute the name and the logo too.  You see the table no. plate.  It will vibrate when they try to look for your table. Great idea right?

 photo P4210587_zps111119e4.jpg

 photo P4210586_zpsd10f9bad.jpg

I ordered Meet Fresh Signature Herbs Jelly. It is something like ZenQ Signature just that here they do not have choice of shaved ice.  If i am not mistaken Meet Fresh only has soya shaved ice.  They also gave you the cute lil creamer cup for you to add on to your dessert.

 photo P4210589_zps7ee36d42.jpg

 photo P4210591_zps17c08dcf.jpg