Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kuching Food Festival 2014 - Part 4

And again tonight I accompany Yien to go to food festival.  We bump into Meen and Avril and then Marie and Eli came to join.  So we have more food to share tonight.

First stop is Durian feast. As usual I love the Durian Puff from this stall.  This is one of those few stall that is a must eat for me every year....

 photo P8076533_zps083b2f93.jpg

 photo P8076530_zpsd2ae9a93.jpg

 photo P8076537_zps8250585f.jpg

Their durian filled cupcakes also not bad...

 photo P8076532_zps646037ce.jpg

Opposite my favourite durian puff stall is another durian  stall.  This stall sells durian pancakes.  This stall durian quality is not as good.  So the taste of the durian filling on all their product is so so only.

 photo P8076536_zps7aaee285.jpg

 photo P8076535_zps15683f8f.jpg

 photo P8076538_zpseb361ea4.jpg

 photo P8076539_zps2db56e09.jpg

 photo P8076534_zps92080151.jpg

 photo P8076541_zpse5a0329f.jpg

 photo P8076542_zpsd018fbb2.jpg

Choconana Chocolate Banana, the banner on top show some nasi beryani stall but they are selling chocolate deceiving. RLOL.  Banana dip into warm chocolate such a comfort food.  I love it.  The chocolate was not too sweet which is a good thing.

 photo P8076553_zpsf2880365.jpg

 photo P8076557_zps6c3185e9.jpg

 photo P8076554_zps78e6907d.jpg

 photo P8076551_zpse878f6b0.jpg

 photo P8076555_zpsc6f96925.jpg

Amazeball! RLOL! When I was there on the first night this stall name has caught my eye...Amazeball I was just wondering what type of amazing ball they are selling.  It is RM10 per set is kind of expensive. For the sake of trying i bought one to share. It is 3 meat ball with Mashed Potato and top with red sauce.

 photo P8036477_zps0f7bc4e8.jpg

 photo P8076563_zps835ead7f.jpg

 photo P8076562_zpseb8c2703.jpg

 photo P8076564_zps7a8a935b.jpg

 photo P8076565_zpsc903919b.jpg

Next is the pork chop bun.  Passing by this stall for the last few days.  I always wonder if I should try the Pork Chop Bun.  Today I decided to give it a go and there is no regret to it.  I love it!  I had my Pork Chop Bun with Onion Sauce and Cheese.  You can choose from few types of sauces.

 photo P8076560_zps4a74861d.jpg

 photo P8076567_zps20a0dcf9.jpg

Japanese Fried Ongiri, this is another stall that I have passby the last few night. Tonight I have one of their Fried Ongiri.  It was nyummy! Loving it!

 photo P8076558_zps22e3af40.jpg

 photo P8076568_zps7b13fe4a.jpg

 photo P8076572_zps0ca5e2c4.jpg

Last but not least is the food that my friend bought and share with us,

Pandan Delight Thai Food

 photo P8076549_zps68a10b65.jpg

 photo P8076548_zpsec2a1227.jpg

Japanese Pancake - Quite good

 photo P8076545_zps9c7c6cf8.jpg

Veggie Tempura I like the spinach only.  I should nice this one is quite good

 photo P8076546_zps7e4184da.jpg

Egg Roll with taiwanese sausage.

 photo P8076550_zps5ebd04ba.jpg