Thursday, May 16, 2013

ZenQ @ Premier 101

This place is there for awhile.  I have been wanting to come here for so many time.  Every time timing is not right.  One fine day Daniel and Wendy came and fetch me.  We went there without any planning. At last I get to eat ZenQ Signature dessert!!!!

ZenQ Signature dessert consist of green tea, sweet potato and taro ball.  There jelly and pearl also and it was serve over Soya shaved ice.  Great idea cause if they use normal shaved ice by the time you are half way thru the bowl of dessert it turn tasteless.

 photo P4040191_zps15008b22.jpg

They give you a small cute lil cup of creamer to go with your bowl of dessert.

 photo P4040199_zps494025ab.jpg

You pour it into your dessert it make it creamier.

 photo P4040197_zpsfa2e0751.jpg

A bowl cost RM 7.50 and it was really big bowl.  It is worth the money!

 photo P4040198_zpsc3e08668.jpg