Friday, May 31, 2013

TGIF Night @ Peach Garden, Jalan Song

My usual Friday night with my group of friend.  We wanted to go to Big Nose at Jalan Song but it was not open that night so we switch to Peach Garden Cafe nearby.

I reach there late, my friend has ordered fried pork and chicken wing.

 photo P5100710_zpsda64d5bc.jpg

 photo P5100711_zpsb5442115.jpg

The fried pork belly is ok but a bit to salty for my liking.  Chicken wing was so so only.  I was craving for some Fruit Rojak.  Malaysian style fruit salad.  This stall is located at the road side of the coffee shop.  The owner is selling fresh fruit. The rojak is surprisingly really good! Worth trying.

 photo P5100714_zps9cc6c6d3.jpg

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Breakfast @ Lee Cafe, Jalan Ban Hock

Is been awhile that i have not been to this coffee shop although my house is super near to it.  Went there with my mom and my friend one morning.  I went there that is because my friend is already half thru their breakfast.

The is a stall here where the owner sell Kueh Tiao Soup and porridge.  This stall operator has been around since more the 20 yrs ago.  I remember him as a stall operator at a coffee shop near by Lee Cafe which is facing the main road.  The time I working at the coffee shop during on morning.  I go to school in the afternoon.  *RLOL*  I work for a month only after that I quit cause I have to wake up 5.30am to go to work @ 6:am *YAWNZZ*. *I know lazy bum in making since I was young*

Back to the rice noodles I ordered. I am not sure the name for it but I know kuching ppl called it "Ngiaw Chu Kueh" (Mouse cake) or "Ngiaw Chu Boi" (Mouse tail).  The quality it is still the same, as delicious as  I use to have it when I was a kid.

 photo P5120725_zps1bbe8491.jpg

My mom ordered Tomato Fried Bee Hoon.  It is Fried vermicelli with tomato base sauce.  First glance was not that appetising.  When had a spoon full it was delicious.  The  vermicelli is fried to perfection.  It has that smokey taste.  When it was mixed with tomato base sauce it became perfect!

 photo P5120728_zps475c8977.jpg

I also ordered Spring Onion pancakes.  The taste of the pancakes is kind of bland.  I finish it with my mom soya sauce with chilli.  

 photo P5120730_zps2c39dfb8.jpg

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sweet Soup @ Jln Padungan

It was a hot hot evening out, roaming around for that cooling effect dessert.  We decided to go to Sweet Soup at Padungan. Me and Wendy shared one dessert and Daniel order his own.  As we has just got out dinner somewhere else.

The dessert that me and wendy ordered are Mango Pamelo Sago.  The boss said that is their best selling and their mango are imported.  One bowl of that is RM 10.00.

 photo DSC04622_zps2ae3e779.jpg

 photo DSC04626_zps60ef049b.jpg

Daniel ordered Coconut Grass Jelly

 photo DSC04624_zps1414b540.jpg

 photo DSC04625_zps637b80fd.jpg

When we were served we are kind of dissapointed with the serving size.  It was kind of small bowl.

 photo DSC04630_zps079bb520.jpg

 photo DSC04629_zps06367211.jpg

Comparing the height of compact camera and the size of handphone.  The coconut that they use is from packet.  There is no real coconut fragrant to it.  There is only a few piece of grass jelly and mango in it.  For me I think it is not worth my money.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fried Intestine Porridge @ Honkee Porridge, Hutong Lot 10

I have been wanted to try to porridge here for awhile.  So the last trip I went to KL finally I have chance to tried it.  I ordered the Fried Intestine Porridge (*hope i did not get the name wrong*)

 photo P4200560_zpsbd901af2.jpg

The intestine is been fried to crisp and the porridge is really really tasty! I love it.  Hope to try the other porridge next time.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Meet Fresh @ Pavillion, KL

After our meail in Ding Dai Fung me and Hopey walk around to see if there is new things for us to try.  We started to do survey for our makan makan trip in July.  We pass by this kiosk name Meet Fresh.   So cute the name and the logo too.  You see the table no. plate.  It will vibrate when they try to look for your table. Great idea right?

 photo P4210587_zps111119e4.jpg

 photo P4210586_zpsd10f9bad.jpg

I ordered Meet Fresh Signature Herbs Jelly. It is something like ZenQ Signature just that here they do not have choice of shaved ice.  If i am not mistaken Meet Fresh only has soya shaved ice.  They also gave you the cute lil creamer cup for you to add on to your dessert.

 photo P4210589_zps7ee36d42.jpg

 photo P4210591_zps17c08dcf.jpg

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ding Dai Fung @ Pavillion, KL

I was watching some vlog on you tube few months back.  This couple they went to a place in Seattle called Ding Dai Fung.   I was like ooo ding dai fung eat dim sum.  RLOL.  Then few days before my trip Yogyakarta I saw my cousin post on her FB that she is having dinner at Ding Dai Fung.  I was like ooo KL also got Ding Dai Fung.  Nothing much.  While we are on the plane Hopey was telling about his cousin from Bentong purposely drive all the way to Pavillion to eat Xiao Loong Bao. Her cousin told her something like Michelin Star Xiao Loong Bao.  She said maybe cause she could not remember the name.  When we meet up with my cousin at LCCT airport she told me that Ding Dai Fung is at 1Utama.  We were so happy as we can actually take a bus from LCCT to 1 U straightaway.  We went but it was a mis-information there is no Ding Dai Fung at 1U.   Then we actually decided to go and eat when we come back from Yogyakarta as we going to stay over nite in KL.  Then Hopey said maybe that is the place where her cousin in the Michelin Star Xiao Loong Bao.

 photo P4210566_zpsd1ce7865.jpg

 photo P4210565_zpsfccedc2b.jpg

After we came back from Yogyakarta we went there.  HAPPINESS!

 photo P4210569_zps55a7b795.jpg

 photo P4210570_zpsa470d845.jpg

 photo P4210571_zpsa8c0dea0.jpg

 photo P4210572_zps0a2e4b28.jpg

It is after lunch hour and there is still a lot of ppl there.  We ordered their michelin star Crab Meat Xiao Loong Bao and Hot and Spicy Noodles

 photo P4210573_zps465efb86.jpg

 photo P4210575_zpsde3f2884.jpg

 photo P4210577_zps05d56a72.jpg

Indeed the xiao loong bao is very good! nyum.

 photo P4210578_zps3ad294ea.jpg

The hot and spicy noodles is so so only.  Nothing to shout about.

P/S : Click here for Michelin Star information.  Actually I don't even know what is michelin star award for until hopey explain it to me. :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

ZenQ @ Premier 101

This place is there for awhile.  I have been wanting to come here for so many time.  Every time timing is not right.  One fine day Daniel and Wendy came and fetch me.  We went there without any planning. At last I get to eat ZenQ Signature dessert!!!!

ZenQ Signature dessert consist of green tea, sweet potato and taro ball.  There jelly and pearl also and it was serve over Soya shaved ice.  Great idea cause if they use normal shaved ice by the time you are half way thru the bowl of dessert it turn tasteless.

 photo P4040191_zps15008b22.jpg

They give you a small cute lil cup of creamer to go with your bowl of dessert.

 photo P4040199_zps494025ab.jpg

You pour it into your dessert it make it creamier.

 photo P4040197_zpsfa2e0751.jpg

A bowl cost RM 7.50 and it was really big bowl.  It is worth the money!

 photo P4040198_zpsc3e08668.jpg

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Election Day 2013 Breakfast @ Coffee Talk, Jalan Song

After I have perform my duty as a Malaysian, I went breakfast with my friend and my mom @ Coffee Talk Cafe at Jalan Song.  To catch up and gossip about the election topics.

Uncle Goh's Porridge for my mom.  Heard alot about this Uncle.  It turn out that the owner is my friend's uncle.  My mom ordered chicken porridge with century egg.  The porridge is really good.  I love porridge that the rice is cooked to like a super thick soup.

 photo P5050675_zpse47d7efc.jpg

 photo P5050676_zps11f28b03.jpg

While I ordered Angela's Laksa.  This laksa a bit towards the curry flavor.  It is not those traditional taste of laksa.  I find it a bit pricey that's all.  The laksa I ordered cost me RM6.00.  Overall the laksa is nice.  Worth trying.

 photo P5050679_zps8ae645e4.jpg

While waiting for our other food to arrive we ordered Poh Piah.  Poh piah here is good.  Just wish that they have coriander in it.  Overall is good~

 photo P5050678_zps1662d3e7.jpg 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Breakfast @ Thomson Corner, Jalan Nanas

This post suppose to go up long time ago, I was being lazy for awhile sorry guys.

I use to heard about Uncle's Laksa at Big Bean at Sekama, but everytime I went there the laksa sold out.  There is one weekend we went to Thomson Corner we saw they have a branch here.   The laksa indeed worth trying.  I like it.

 photo DSC04494_zpscc4feac7.jpg

For my mom is Sarawak Kolo Mee.  Kolo Mee is nice nothing to complain about.

 photo DSC04493_zps838053ad.jpg

The chee cheong fun is so so only.  Nothing great.

 photo DSC04497_zpsf2578eb7.jpg

Friday, May 10, 2013

Khiaw Chung Cafe @ Ang Cheng Ho

As usual finding a place to eat on saturday and sunday is a big problem for me.  I usually wake up a bit late so by the time I wake up most of the breakfast food has finished.  So last saturday i woke up around 11am.  Couldn't decide where to eat I went for a round with my mom at Ang Cheng Ho area then I pass the corner shop which use to be Khiaw Chung Cafe but i am not sure if they have changed their name or not.  Is been awhile that I did not come to this shop.  When I drove pass by I saw a banner saying "Chicken Rice RM 1.99"! It really caught my attention.

 photo P5040655_zps388b2af9.jpg
Chicken Rice @ RM2.00

Honestly the chicken rice was good.  The chicken is soft and juicy.  The only things I wish for is a bit of flavor to the rice.  Anyway really no complain to it.  What more can i ask for with this RM2.00 chicken rice.

I also ordered the Kolo Mee.  Just normal Kolo mee no complain but nothing to brag about.  Kolo Mee cost me RM2.50.

 photo P5040656_zpsfa429323.jpg

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Boardriders @ Merdeka Plaza

Last sunday, Chris called me ask me if I wan to go to Merdeka Plaza.  As he needs to get present for his buddy.

After we bought the present we went to have a coffee at the new place call Boardriders.

 photo P5040663_zps2ac4b6d9.jpg

"Boardriders Café is a fusion of the Hawaiian Islands’ thrills and culture with a touch of Japanese elements. You will witness, from the food to the ambience, the harmony of these two worlds together. Boardriders Café is dedicated to the boardriding culture. Their devotion, to the boardriding lifestyle, can be seen in their café’s interiors, workshop events and boardriding enthusiasts meet-up that will be held in the café. Boardriders Café is a gift of inspiration, comfort and a much needed time-out to all those who enter their doors."

 photo P5040661_zps47ed710e.jpg

 photo P5040662_zpsac2b0eea.jpg

 photo P5040664_zps7b0cb89f.jpg

I ordered Almond Cafe Latte and Chris ordered their Green Tea Latte.  Since it was a promotion period they have buy two get one free.   So we decided to add in Smoked Duck Sandwich.

 photo P5040668_zps6821649d.jpg
Almond Cafe Latte

 photo P5040667_zpsf248711c.jpg
Green Tea Latte

Chris said the Green Tea Latte trying to look like Cafe latte! RLOL

 photo P5040669_zpsf7e55f78.jpg
Smoked Duck Sandwich.

Chris comment on the sandwich "The sandwich is good but the chips is great".

 photo P5040671_zps398e71f0.jpg

I love this place!  It is a nice place to hang out with friends over coffee and sandwiches.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sarawak Laksa and Laksa Chicken Feet @ Wang Full Cafe Jalan Pertanak

On labour day morning I called my usual friend out for breakfast.  I was actually trying to find a place call corner coffee shop at jalan pertanak.  As somebody posted a delicious picture of breakfast on facebook.  I couldn't find it the shop so my friend said go and try the laksa at this coffee shop as he heard someone told him the laksa is good.

When I got out from my car i bump into a friend of mine.  He told me the laksa here is really good.  He also told me that the chicken feet is nice.  

 photo P5010624_zpsdd7e2188.jpg

 photo P5010625_zps7aeb92d0.jpg

Laksa is good! I love it very much! and the chicken feet is so tender.  You put the claws into you mouth and the flesh just fall apart! You can spit out all the bones without bitting.  RLOL i know it sound disgusting but who cares good food covers all.

My mom are not allowed to have oily food as she just went thru surgery.  So she ordered the kolo mee and fish ball soup.   As usual she will give me all the left over and  I have to help her finish her food.  The fish ball and fish cakes is really good.  The fish ball and fish cakes is hand made.  So the look of it is not really tempting but the texture is really good. 

 photo P5010628_zpsa0bd4aae.jpg

 photo P5010629_zpsc41ad977.jpg

Overall the food that day was really satisfying.  I will go back there again for sure~!