Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sarawak Kolomee :- Eng's Cafe, Jalan Pertanak

This is one of my favorite spot for kolomee too. Situated somewhere around pertanak market.

The prawn are very fresh. Noodles is not soggy. I personally recommend this. The only problem is that you need to go early as normally their will finish around 10am. They open at about 5am in the morning.

Eng's Cafe

Fook Hai Dim Sum, Jalan Padungan.

The Kolo mee is nothing much. But i know their dumpling was nice. that is the only noodles stall at that shop. I will try to go eat the dumpling and take the pic to show u all.

Fook Hai, Kolo Mee

Big Pau.. It was nice. The meat is in chunks.

Fook Hai, Big Pau

Siew Mai. I found that the Siew Mai was not that good. I guess it does not have those fatty particles in there. It is all pure meat so it was not so juicy.

Fook Hai, Siew Mai

Har Kau....the skin is too thick. But the prawn is very fresh.

Fook Hai, Har Kau

Chicken Rice & Roti Kahwin :- Good Thumb, Batu Kawa

Chicken Rice - some comment from kuchingites that the chicken rice here is nice. I personally like the rice but the chicken was nothing much. I guess is a bit pricey. The chicken is for two person.



And we have ordered the 'Roti Kahwin' (toast). The toast is crunchy. Nice and they are generous with the butter & homemade kaya. NYUM NYUM.


Sarawak Kolomee :- Big Potato Cafe, Jalan Pertanak

This stall kolo mee use to sell at green hills. When Kuching municipal council clearing up the road side food peddler they were force to move. When i started to eat their kolomee it was good. Guess now the business is handed over to his son so the taste of kolomee was not the same as last time anymore. I still prefer the Kolomee prepared by the father.