Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mi Goreng Chilli Hijau by Indo Mie

I found this awhile ago when I was at Ta Kiong.  The name caught my eyes. Green Chilli....should be very veyr spicy. I decided tomgive a try.
i brought to my office few weeks later, I had it for my breakfast.  As usual I cook instant noodle using office microwave. While walking towards my table I heard my friend ask "who cook? Smell so spicy". the smell of the noodle is quite intimidating.  LoL!
My first bite exprience, wah so spicy....but so good.  I cannot stop eating! Few of colleague got tempted and they said they love it.  The noodle has the very strong green chilli taste. The level of spiciness for me is still ok.