Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Makan Makan Road Trip to Lundu

The last long holiday Daniel suggested that we have a road trip to Lundu.  Lundu is small town about 1 hr drive from kuching city.  Now it is easy to go there as we do no need to use the ferry to cross that river anymore.  When we are half way to Lundu we are talking about the ferry and the Jetty.  When we are almost at the end of the bridge that replace the Jetty Daniel then turn into a corner, he told us that is where the jetty use to be located.  When we drive towards the end of the road and we found something!

SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! We have reach the junk food heaven! All this junk food is home made.  Me and Wendy go a bit ga ga over it.  RLOL

 photo P6010888_zpseebee2bf.jpg

 photo P6010889_zpsc6738bf6.jpg

Our haul from the Junk Food Heaven.  Sorry guys the junk food has go down to my tummy before i realise i have not taken picture of the individual pack.

 photo P6010890_zps1c5e52a0.jpg

 photo P6010891_zpsfebc3a9a.jpg

We go around Lundu town for awhile.  As it was raining that day when we reach.  I am unable to go down and take picture of the resort and the beaches there.  I heard the resort there is really nice.

Round and round we go trying to find a place to eat.  Most of the shop are closed.  We stop at Siong Kee Cafe is a corner shop.

We ordered Kolo Mee, Tomato Kueh Tiao and Fried Bee Hoon.

Kolo Mee was is delicious. The kolo mee cost RM 2.50 only! So cheap! It cam with lotsa topping too.  The dark color thing is actually pig skin.  It has been cooked till so tender it almost melt in your mouth.

 photo P6010893_zpsc7af256a.jpg

Tomato Kueh Tiao is so so.  It is really cheap too consider there is lotsa topping on it.  This tomato kueh tiao is RM 3.00

 photo P6010899_zps309b82da.jpg

Same with the fried bee hoon taste is so so only but it is really cheap.  The fried bee hoon is only RM3.00

 photo P6010894_zpsc1acebe3.jpg

I guess the food in small town is always cheaper then those in city area.  I will try to go on more road trip out of town next time.  It was a fun road trip!