Friday, December 16, 2011

Complaint : Radius International @ Changkat Tong Shin, KL

Never in my life I have met such a rude sales person in hotel. I have make my booking few months ago.  Recently I called them again to reconfirm my booking.  They told me my booking is not in the system.  They did help to check on the booking letter that they has fax to me few months back.  I inform them that i wanted to reduce the no. of room.  The sales person told me it cannot be done he need to rebook me and my room rate has changed.  When i made the booking few months back i have asked the other sales person whether is there any surcharge as it is super peak period.  She told me no surcharge as we are their corporate customer. Now this new person said he will charge me surcharge for the new booking.  I accepted the surcharge.  So he ask me to provide him my credit card for confirmation which it never happen before this.  First credit card i provide him is not able to get thru.  I told him i will fax to him again another card.  I was so very busy this morning and I have a training this afternoon.  When i reach my office he called me,  the way he talk to me is like i am owing him money.  I told him i was in training today just got back to the office,  he replied he don't care. I was like OMG, this kind of word came out.  I prepared the new document and fax to him.  As there is a mistakes in filling the detail of the credit card it cannot get thru again.  He called me ask me to pay cash.  I am kind of reluctant to do so.  Then he said "If you does not have the money to pay the deposit now how can I be sure that you will have money to pay when you check in".

If there is still hotel available around that area at this time i will sure tell him off.  This will be my last time to stay there.