Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pullman Launches Ramadhan with Candle Ritual @ Pullman Kuching

Pullman Kuching launches its ramadhan feast this year with a spectacular candle ritual that lights up the five-star property for this Holy month.  It blend in the essential French Accor Elegance with the local culture.

"Candle ritual is a nod to Accor's French root and this would be the first time we present it in Pullman Kuching" says Pullman Kuching general manager Terry Butt-Gow.

 photo IMG_9400_zpsf2txsvpc.jpg

The candle ritual is adopted by selected Accor properties worldwide, but Pullman Kuching offers a unique take on the lighting ceremony with a dramatized flair of lighting up Puzzle Restaurant and the Lobby centre piece.

Mr Butt-Gow took over the GM office early this month and introduced the candle ritual in conjunction with the Pre-Ramadhan dinner.  Hundreds of guests from different government sectors, corporate companies as well as travel agents are present to experience the enchanting ritual.  I was very excited to get invited to the event as this was the first time I attended candle ritual event. New GM new idea, hope to see me exciting new idea from the new GM

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Also present at the ceremony was 30 children from Rumah Kanak kanak which was adopted by Pullman Kuching as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

After the ceremony the guest was invited for the Ramadhan buffet at Puzzle Cafe.  Pullman Kuching's Ramadhan buffet spread consists of more than 150 dishes comprising of local favourites and traditional malay cuisines

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The Ramadhan buffet dinner is available from 18th June to 16th July 2015 and priced at RM106.  Children under 12 will receive 50% discount.

For more information, call 082-22288 or visit Pullman Kuching's official website or facebook/com/pullmankuching