Sunday, November 30, 2014

Curly Icecream @ Jumbo Kebab, Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Curly cone? Have you ever seen one like that? I know I have not.

We were walking around Platinum Mall after it closed one of the nite.  When I walk pass by Jumbo Kebab join I saw there is something curly hanging on the side of the shop.  I was wondering what is that?

 photo IMG_20141102_195801_zps8d4891d8.jpg

 photo IMG_20141102_195425_zps5978d150.jpg

When I look over to the Icecream machine the guy was pumping icecream into the curly cone. First time to see such an interesting shape cone

 photo IMG_20141102_195433_zps62ab0b0d.jpg

I decided to get one to try out.

 photo IMG_20141102_195620_zps7d34d2eb.jpg

The Icecream is soft and creamy and the cone is crunchy with a lil bit of saltiness on the last note. Give it a try!