Thursday, November 4, 2010

Noodles Expert @ Kenyalang Park Commercial Centre

The owner of this shop has start to sell Kolo Mee since 1983 as per stated on the signboard.  They have move to this new location from a  stall.  Now they are operating in two shop lot.

Kolo Mee is not bad.  It is not using the the traditional kolo mee noodles.  They are using handmade noodles.

Kolo Mee

When I went there that day I notice there is a new stall there.  They are selling toast.  They toast the bread over charcoal.  I ordered butter and sugar toast and peanut butter toast.  This remind me of my school day where my mom would tapao this for my break time.  At that moment i really hate it.  You know other kids get to go to the school canteen to buy food and my keep on tapao this for me.  Now i really happy what my mom did for me. Cause when I want to have butter & sugar toast now i either pay for it or i make myself.

Butter & Sugar Toast *NYUM NYUM*

Peanut Butter Toast

I love both of the toast.  Nyum nyum recommended.