Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pork Ribs Curry :- 9898 Seafood - 98 Cafe, 1 TJ

Not long ago my cousin ask me out to go yam cha with them. That was already like 11.30pm. As his shop is around tabuan jaya area he wanted to go to 98 cafe near to 1 TJ. The seafood stall owner introduce him to have pork ribs curry. The owner said they don't cook that dish all the time. At first I was thinking to have coffee only no food. So my cousin in law and our friend ordered the pork ribs curry rice. When the food was serve the curry does smell good. Got so hungry after enjoying the smell. At last i ordered the curry rice but never regretted it as it was so good. The curry gravy is so thick but it was not that oily.


Sharing Cafe, Jalan Stapok

This cafe is in a very secluded space but still there is lotsa ppl patron this cafe. They serve western food. If you guys know where Dewan Badminton Stapok is then you will be able find this place.

Garlic Butter Dory Fish :- The fish is not over cooked, it is still tender and juicy. It has hints of garlic and butter fragrant.


Carbonara Spaghetti :- Very creamy and cheesy. Me and my friend really love this.


Mango Smoothies :- According to the owner of this cafe, they use one whole mango for a glass of smoothies. The mango is been blended with vanilla ice cream. The owner said that they would not have this smoothies all the time as they will only serve if they are able to find good quality mango. This smoothies is RM 8.80



Me and my friend spend not up to 50 for this meal. Price is reasonable as the portion is kind of big.

Nasi lemak :- Happy Valley, Pending

If you guys remember my previous post about happy valley set lunch. I like the babi ponteh so much. If the set lunch does not come with babi ponteh i will settle with my second choice which is their Nasi Lemak. The Nasi Lemak cost RM4.50. It come with Ayam Masak Merah, Fried Peanut and Anchovies, half Hard Boil egg, Sambal and Coconut Milk Rice.

The rice has the coconut fragrant but it is not so oily. Sambal is spicy and yummy.


Pancakes :- Peach Garden, Jalan Song

The pancakes that they sell here is kind of special, it does not looks like those pancakes that i normally had. It looks like apam balik (A type of local delicacies). The normal apam balik is with peanut and sugar. This one is serve with Ham and Cheese. There are few other flavor too. Guess this is when east meet west new food been created.



If they have shred the cheese and spread it out it would be better. As for now the cheese is just in the middle. Or they can put a lil mozzarella cheese in charge at a higher price. Don't mind to pay extra for the mozzarella cheese or extra cheese.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mixed pork soup & Kolo Mee :- Bishop Gate

I love the soup that been serve here. Well it was really famous in kuching. Normally you have to wait about half an hour to get a sit and then another half an hour to get the owner to take your order and then another 20 min or more to get your food serve for you. But i dun mind to wait for it. As it was so good everybody is queueing up for it. Most kuchingites would know where this place is.

For the new comer that has never been to the shop before, please do not mind the way they talk to their customer. New comer will normally find him really rude. Well the way he talks is loud and rude but he was only joking.

The plain noodles. I like the noodles with lotsa black vinegar and fried onion.


And now the Soup. Yummy........ They have prawn, minced meat, pork intestine, fatty meat, seaweed, Salted veggie and fish cakes.


Penang Cuisine :- C121 Food Court, Stutong

Penang Har Mee (Prawn Noodles)

Eating this without the belachan is not that nice.....but when u mixed it with the belachan it taste good....Not bad


Penang Laksa

Not nice. The one that i had the last time at jalan song is nicer....


Sarawak Laksa :- Kwong Hup Cafe, Jalan Keretapi

The other day i went for lunch with my friend at Kwong Hup Cafe. Most of the food there has finished. So i thought to give the laksa a try. The laksa came out to be very disappointing. The gravy has not laksa taste and the prawn is so small. This bowl of laksa cost me RM 4.


Set Lunch :- Happy Valley, Pending

I love to go too happy valley for their set lunch. Their set lunch normally come with 3 type of dishes and a soup. It cost me only RM 5. Normally I will try to look out for those day that the set lunch come with Babi Ponteh. I love their Babi ponteh.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sarawak Kolomee :- Eng's Cafe, Jalan Pertanak

This is one of my favorite spot for kolomee too. Situated somewhere around pertanak market.

The prawn are very fresh. Noodles is not soggy. I personally recommend this. The only problem is that you need to go early as normally their will finish around 10am. They open at about 5am in the morning.

Eng's Cafe

Fook Hai Dim Sum, Jalan Padungan.

The Kolo mee is nothing much. But i know their dumpling was nice. that is the only noodles stall at that shop. I will try to go eat the dumpling and take the pic to show u all.

Fook Hai, Kolo Mee

Big Pau.. It was nice. The meat is in chunks.

Fook Hai, Big Pau

Siew Mai. I found that the Siew Mai was not that good. I guess it does not have those fatty particles in there. It is all pure meat so it was not so juicy.

Fook Hai, Siew Mai

Har Kau....the skin is too thick. But the prawn is very fresh.

Fook Hai, Har Kau

Chicken Rice & Roti Kahwin :- Good Thumb, Batu Kawa

Chicken Rice - some comment from kuchingites that the chicken rice here is nice. I personally like the rice but the chicken was nothing much. I guess is a bit pricey. The chicken is for two person.



And we have ordered the 'Roti Kahwin' (toast). The toast is crunchy. Nice and they are generous with the butter & homemade kaya. NYUM NYUM.


Sarawak Kolomee :- Big Potato Cafe, Jalan Pertanak

This stall kolo mee use to sell at green hills. When Kuching municipal council clearing up the road side food peddler they were force to move. When i started to eat their kolomee it was good. Guess now the business is handed over to his son so the taste of kolomee was not the same as last time anymore. I still prefer the Kolomee prepared by the father.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Banana Fritter :- Shoplot opposite the big temple at Carpenter Stree

Old time banana fritters....i have been having this banana fritters ever since i am young gal. They are using a big banana which locally it is known as Pisang Tanduk. The banana fritter is crunchy outside and soft and sweet inside....

Vegetarian Kolo Mee :- Ban Seng Cafe, Jalan Keretapi

This is one of the my favorite kolo mee in town. Although it does not has charsiew but it taste so good. This kolo mee was served with fried seaweed and fried taufu skin. It has hints of sesame seed oil fragrance.


Sio Bee (Siew Mai) & Soya Bean :- Open Air Market

Kuchingites guess you guys will miss this Siew Mai very much.

OPEN AIR MARKET SIO BEE with SOYA BEAN MILK. This is my favourite stall since i was a kids. Hot steamy sio bee with a glass of fresh soya bean milk

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Kueh Chap :- Sunco Cafe, Jalan Keretapi.

This is one of my favorite kueh chap. Everytime i patron the shop this is the only food that i will order. This stall kueh chap they serve the kueh chap with chicken feet.

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Dinner @ Stall No. 43 , Pertanak Market

This is from the Stall no 43 at Pertanak Market Hawker Stall.

They stall is well known for it Fried Pork with Salted Fish. It was so yummy. This is their best dish. My brother likes to tapao from here.

This is fried biring with local red wine. Not so bad but if the owner would have put in more red wine it will taste better.

This is Pig Stomach in White Pepper Soup. Another famous dish at that stall.

Lastly we had the Butter Chicken. My brothers and mom like it but i find it a lil bit to creamy.

Teh C Peng Special, Laksa, Kueh Chap :- Expert Food Court, Jalan Song

Lunch at Expert food court, jalan Song with my mom.

5 Layers Teh C Peng (Tea, Milk, Gula Apong, Wheat Grass, Cin Cau), taste abit like Ice Kacang with a hints of tea taste. I like this one.

4 Layers Teh C Peng (Tea, Milk, Gula Apong, Wheat Grass)

The Laksa is not really that good though. I tried once before this it was not so bad. Guess the cook is not in good mood.

The Kueh Chap soup has the thick spices aroma but it is not salty enough.

Century Egg Siew Pao :- Bishop Gate Street

Nyum nyum....i love that. Never thought century egg will blend into siew pao so well.. Normally century egg will have the fishy taste. Guess most ppl won't like the taste. When it was in this siew pao you cannot really taste the fishy taste when u eat it.