Sunday, May 5, 2013

General Election 2013

Yeah this is not a food post. As a Malaysian I love my country very much.  So happy election day! vote wisely.  Think carefully before you cross it in the ballot paper.  Cross on those that will bring future to the country!

Backerei @ RH Plaza

I have heard a lot about this place.  I have planned to come to this place for the longest time.  One fine sunday i drop by for a brunch.

I ordered Ciabata bread with Turkey Ham Sandwich.  I have fall in love with it.  It was really good,  is kind of hard to find a good sandwich with good bread in Kuching.  How I wish they open up a branch near my office.

 photo DSC04547_zps4b8134fc.jpg

 photo DSC04548_zps94885750.jpg
Black coffee

Lunch @ Oim's Plate, Jalan Keretapi

After the first trip to Oim's plate last weeks Hope and I decided to go back there again for the Nasi kerabu. I have never had Nasi Kerabu before. Hope does and she said the Nasi Kerabu here is not bad compare to the original one in Kelantan.  The rice is in blue color which is because it was cooked with a flower call "kembang telang".  The rice is serve with "Bunga Kantan" is a type of flower.  The gravy they pour on top of the rice is a bit spicy.

 photo P5020631_zps62aad709.jpg
Nasi Kerabu with Daging Salai

 photo P5020634_zps919c2d76.jpg
Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Goreng

 photo P5020638_zpsa8fa2057.jpg
Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng.

If you love spicy food give this place a try~!