Monday, June 3, 2013

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United Cafe @ Jalan Green

One of the afternoon, me and my colleague went out for lunch.  We could not decide where to go when we got out from our office.  When we reach the intersection of green road and jalan keretapi traffic light we then decide to go to United Cafe,  as Wee and Helen has not been there before, so we decided to go and try.  When we reach there most of the food has finished.  So we decided to have some dishes from the seafood stall at the back of the coffee shop.  Each of us ordered a type of dish to share.

Fried hokkien mee was ok but i wish there is pork lard in there.  Pork lard will enhance the total taste of the noodles.  
 photo P5160755_zpsa9df7398.jpg
Hokkien Mee

Cantonese Kueh Tiao taste is a lil bland.  If there will fried the Kueh Tiao until a lil burnt with that smokey aroma it will be nice.
 photo P5160751_zps740d7414.jpg
Cantonese Kueh Tiao

Mani Chai or Cangkok Manis this how the local call a vege where we only  consume the leaf. The leaf is been squeeze and tear till it become small pieces.  It is normally fried with egg. 
 photo P5160749_zps7a22cf9e.jpg

We plan to go back there again to try the other food as some of the food picture looks good.