Sunday, October 4, 2009

Theresa Sarawa Laksa @ Jalan Borneo (Opposite Hilton Hote) (*HALAL)

This is me and my friends favorite spot for laksa after clubbing. The owner only start her biz at 7pm until wee hour. Janet Lau introduces me to this place. She told me that i must try the laksa there cause it was really really nice. So i gave it a try and true indeed was nice. The gravy was not that heavily spiced nor the santan was to heavy.

RM 4 is the normal price. RM 6 is for special and "cheng". This is the first place i found in kuching that they have "cheng" laksa. Cheng means there is no bee hoon in the soup, there are prawn, shredded chicken, shredded egg and bean sprout with laksa soup. for those who wanted to go on diet should get "cheng".


Foochow Kam Pua Mee :- Yi Ann Cafe, Jalan Goh Meng Teck

I like the kam pua mee at this shop. It taste more original as they are using the original kam pua noodles.