Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Durian Burger and Bidin Burger @ Pig Barn, Coffee Talk Cafe, Jalan Song

EEEEKKKKK durian burger?  That is my expression when I heard about it.  Would you think it will be nice? Durian with burger.  I gave a it a go to see if it was nice. When they serve my durian burger in front of me, the durian smell is so strong.  The burger is made up of Pork Patties, the normal condiment, Cheese and top with durian and cheese sauce.  The it was sprinkled with crackling pork.

A bite of that I was hooked! I love it!!  Too bad the owner said this is seasonal.  Durian Burger will be available during durian season only.  I went there the first time when I go there the second time there is no more durian burger.  I have to wait till the next durian season then.

The Durian Burger name is Thorny Affair.  When you order make sure you say it right.. *LOL*

 photo PC102998_zps3208fab2.jpg

 photo PC103004_zps6fd66998.jpg

That night we have another burger which is bidin burger.  A truly sarawakian burger! Who don't love bidin in Sarawak.  Burger is serve with pork patties, bacon, cheese and the normal condiments.  It was then top with bidin salad.  To bad it was a limited edition.  It was no longer in the menu. 

 photo PC103006_zps244e0989.jpg

 photo PC103003_zpscfbf831c.jpg