Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cafe Latte @ Starbucks, Bangkok

As I was passing by Starbucks one night, my mom ask me how come I don't wan to go in. RLOL! Mommy will always be mommy.  Although she always said starbucks coffee is so expensive still she know I haven't had my coffee fix for few days.  I got tempted and go into starbucks like a happy bear.

All the menu are almost 90% the same.  Which caught my eyes is that I can substitute milk with soy milk.  So I ordered my Latte with soy milk.

 photo IMG_20141101_204041_zps56f7f3a1.jpg

The taste is not as creamy as milk but for vegetarian or vegan you need those caffeine fix there is this option for you to try.  I did not hate it nor did I like it.