Friday, March 28, 2014

Vegetarian Food and Mee Sua @ Yew Cafe

There is this stall behind the coffee shop sell very nice vegetarian food.  I have been to this shop a few times without my camera.  So last Tuesday I went there with Chris.

I ordered Mushroom Curry Rice.  I love it.....

 photo P3183542_zps71600b94.jpg

Chris ordred Bittergourd Fried Kueh Tiao

 photo P3183539_zps6bc6f442.jpg

Tze Chung ordered Ang Cao Mee Sua.  The soup is really rich and tasty.  Full of Ang Chao Rice wine flavour.  Too bad the taukeinio who sell this does not make it everyday.  So if you want to try check out with the taukeinio first.

 photo P3183538_zpsb49f9292.jpg